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On Policy, Clinton's the Clear Choice

The third presidential debate reminded Americans once again that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton take opposite views on nearly every issue and that debates between them are full of distortions and inconsistencies.

While few people are happy about their options, many people are hesitant to see Trump represent America. No vote or a vote for a third party candidate is the equivalent to a vote for Trump, so many consider their vote for Hillary as a sort of default option. Though many feel strongly that Trump should not be president, they also feel disappointed about their choice of Hillary. Democrats, especially young Democrats, do not trust her the way they may have trusted Bernie Sanders, and a number of Americans feel disconnected from her. Attempts to address the members of the American public often come off as awkward or insincere.

Of course, Hillary’s scandals are never far from anyone’s mind. When it came to her emails, FBI Director James Comey called her In addition, many people are calling for the Clinton Foundation to be closed should Hilary Clinton be elected president because of emails showing that donors got special access to Clinton’s time. Further, Hillary’s promotion of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (otherwise known as TPP), is widely criticized, as the Partnership itself promotes the interests of large corporations at the detriment of low-wage workers.

Hillary tends to personify what many Americans hate about the government. In targeting the demographics that Trump alienates, people doubt her sincerity. On the other hand, Trump has proven he will always make racist, sexist, and xenophobic comments. The Boston Globe reported 19 year-old Janae Petitjean as saying, “Basically, Trump is everything wrong with America’s culture, and Hillary is everything wrong with our government.” While this may be true, and while it is frustrating to be given the choice between two unimpressive presidential candidates, it is a mistake to believe that there is more than one viable option in this situation.

On the topic of national debt, America is estimated to owe a whopping $19.7 trillion. Trump’s plans for massive tax cuts to the wealthy would add $5.3 trillion dollars to the debt, while Clinton’s plans would add a comparatively smaller $200 billion dollar. While neither politician has offered a perfect solution, Mrs. Clinton’s proposal comes far closer.

On the topic of race and national security, Trump has relied on racism and xenophobia to win support from voters. His proposed ban on Muslims and plans for a wall along the Mexican border are not only divisive and unconstitutional but also make for a logistical and economic nightmare. In contrast, Hillary supports increased security without resorting to such extreme and unfeasible plans.

On the topic of climate change, Trump has said that he is “not a great believer in man-made climate change.” It is important to remember climate change will be one of the most important issues our generation faces. Luckily, Clinton has a plan to create 500 million solar panels. Clinton’s sentiment that, “The clean energy superpower of the 21st Century could be China, Germany, or us, and I want it to be us” stands in shocking opposition to Trump’s flippant jokes and constant denial.

As a private citizen, Donald Trump has repeatedly caused more than his fair share of scandals. Not only has he outsourced jobs overseas and hurt American workers, but he has done so for his own private gain. Trump has also filed for bankruptcy and avoided paying federal income taxes. When asked about his actions, Trump claimed that as a businessman, he just plays the game, but there is no reason to believe a man who has gotten to where he is by taking advantage of his privilege and cheating others will suddenly become altruistic in office.

More worrisome, as a presidential nominee, he has continued to show bad judgment. The fact that Putin views Trump favorably and that North Korea is endorsing him should send up many, many red flags. His personal endorsement of nuclear weaponry should send up another. As president, there is no shortage to the damage that Donald Trump can and will do. Given the sheer power of the president of the United States, investing this agency in Trump would be disastrous to Americans and our country as a whole. The powers to declare war and to appoint Supreme Court Justices are dangerous ones for a man like Trump to hold. If Donald Trump is elected president, he will chose the next one or even two Supreme Court Justices, who will likely see to it that Roe vs. Wade is overturned, marriage equality is sent back to the states, and gun control restrictions are loosened.

Hillary Clinton has actual plans to address the compounding problems in America. Though some may not agree with all her policies or how she has conducted herself in the past, she has come forward to acknowledge her mistakes and has shown herself capable of evolving. On the contrary, Donald Trump was nominated for his refusal to change.

Ultimately, Trump fails at the one thing most required of a president; he is fundamentally incapable of bringing people together. Throughout each debate, Trump only reaffirmed the fact that he will always cater to his existing supporters and not make compromises. That is a weakness of his, not a strength. It’s not an easy choice to make, but Clinton’s competent policies make the matter clear. While Hillary Clinton’s record is by no means spotless, she will be the candidate to make the most positive change in America.

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