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Eradicate BC Racism Creates A Form For Reporting Bias

Eradicate Boston College Racism published a Bias, Oppression, and Hate Crime Reporting Form on their Facebook page last night to account for Boston College's lack of a straightforward process to report such incidents on campus.

The Facebook post reads: "In the absence of a user-friendly, trustworthy mechanism to report experiences of discrimination on campus, Eradicate Boston College Racism has created this reporting form. We commit to be watchdogs, to collect data on incidents on campus to inform allies regarding intervention, and to help channel folks to available places of support. We stand with you."

As of right now, Boston College has a "Student Bias-Motivated Conduct Reporting" page under the Office of the Dean of Students that instructs students to email, to fill out a "Report an Alleged Violation of the Code of Conduct" form, or to go to the Office of Institutional Diversity's website to learn about how to report an incident involving a faculty or staff member.

The Office of Institutional Diversity's page, "Hate Crimes and Bias Motivated Offensive Conduct Protocol", leads to another page, "Instructions for Incident Recording Form", which leads to a Word Document download of the "Boston College Hate Crime and Bias-Motivated Offensive Conduct Incident Recording Form." You must then fill out the form, save it, and send it as an email attachment using your BC email account to Patricia Lowe, Executive Director of the Office for Institutional Diversity.

Essentially, the process of even figuring out how to report an incident is lengthy and convoluted.

Eradicate BC Racism (EBCR) first announced that they would create a bias reporting form at the end of their Stand Against Hate Rally on Monday evening. The rally was organized to support those who feel threatened or unsafe since the election last Tuesday—particularly in light of the increase in hate speech and crimes.

“Currently, there is no reasonable mechanism to report incidences of violence and hate on this campus. So one thing we need to collectively demand as students here today is that we need to have some mechanism and some trustworthy source to report bias to. And for right now, you can do that to Eradicate,” stated EBCR member Sriya Bhattacharyya, LGSOE ’16, at the rally.

“If anybody here experiences anything that has been talked about tonight, if you experience hate crimes, bias against you, microaggressions in your classrooms, with administration, anywhere, let Eradicate know. We will put up a form for people to report to and we will collect the data that the institution has not been doing.”

EBCR has followed through on their word.




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