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The Weekly Diatribe: V10

As many of us may have heard, Mike Pence ventured out of his lair to see a show performed by the very people he hates. How adventurous! He supports the arts, which means he stands for all of us, right? Nah. The cast of Hamilton took some time at the end of their show on Friday, November 19th, to send a message to VP Elect Pence. Their message, essentially, was "screw you." The cast of the show pleaded for Mike Pence to protect the diverse Americarepresented by the cast itself, and to keep the values and morals of everyone within the United States in mind when he begins his reign--Im sorry--his Vice Presidency.

I so greatly admire the cast of Hamilton for using its position and momentary authority to voice the concerns that so many Americans are having. It is truly commendable. That said, there has been quite a lot of backlash, mainly from the president-elect himself, Donald Trump. Trump called for an apology to Pence on behalf of the cast. He rebuked the actors for saying rude things in an inappropriate setting, which is basically the most ironic and infuriating thing ever.

Chrissy Teigen, a successful model, TV personality, and cookbook author, among other things (shes also married to John Legend which is just another amazing thing about her), took to Twitter to voice her outrage with Trumps demand for an apology by the Hamilton cast. I think its important to mention that Chrissy and Donald Trump have a long, tumultuous history. Basically, she hates him and frequently bashes him on Twitter. In this case, she mentions that Trump is calling for a safe space, the very thing he despises and wants to eradicate. Donald Trump had his feelings hurt by the speech and demands retribution, which has led to him be ridiculed. This is truly a hilarious sequence of events.

However, less-funny games may be afoot. On the same Friday that Mike Pence went to Hamilton, Donald Trump settled in the Trump University fraud case, and agreed to pay $25 million to former students of the university. I never heard a thing about our future President settling his FRAUD case for 25 MILLION DOLLARS because he was so busy acting like a baby about the Hamilton speech! This leads me to question the sincerity of his Twitter outburst. Was it all a ruse? Was its purpose to distract from the fact that we are going to have a conniving, fraudulent, orange humanas our next President? Probably. But hey, at least the people over at Hamilton did a great thing and also got a whole theater of people to boo Mike Pence.

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