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Have No (Finals) Fear, the Strip Mod Is Here

When I went to Montreal over the summer, my friends tried to convince me to go to a strip club in Gay Village. I wasn’t feeling it; I’d had about eight hours of sleep over the three days we had spent in Montreal, and I just wanted to relax. They joked, “You’re going to BC. You’ll never experience anything like this ever again because you’ll become Catholic and everything.” Well, little did they know (or did I, for that matter), that BC has a quite non-Catholic tradition of its own: the bi-annual strip mod.

When I first heard of the Strip Mod in early September, I couldn’t believe that it existed. In my mind, (where I envisioned Father Leahy sitting in his armchair atop the Gasson Bell Tower, watching over everything, constantly), a strip show just didn’t resonate with Boston College’s mission.

Well, it turns out that I was too quick to judge. The Strip Mods are in fact home to a long-standing tradition here at BC. Around 1993, the soccer team used Mods 42A and 42B to show off their abs and to dance and be young before they had to graduate into the “real world.” Since then, Mods 42A and B have been demolished, and the Strip Mods have relocated to 27A and 27B.  

One thing to keep in mind, however, is that the strip shows are meant to be funny, not sexual.

According to junior Tiffany Shu, MCAS ‘18, “Don’t expect some kind of Sexual Chocolate performance.” Laughing, she added, “Last year’s performance was really awkward. They didn’t really know how to properly do a striptease, and they had just stripped completely in about three minutes and didn’t know what do after that. I wanted to give them a jacket because they looked cold.”

However, this year’s strip show, which will take place tomorrow night, Dec. 10, at Mod 27B, seems to be ripe with anticipation.

“Mod 27B has the ROTC guys this year! They’re so hot, I’m so excited!” exclaimed one freshman girl who wished to remain anonymous.

The men of Mod 27B, the main performers for this year’s Strip Mod, are very excited for tomorrow’s performance as well.

Bill Lavelle, MCAS ‘17, says, “We all learned of the Strip Mod during our freshman year, same as everyone else, but none of us have ever gone before.” Even though he and his friends never previously set their sights on Mod 27B, they promised themselves that if it was open during pick time, they would go for it.  

Since then, Lavelle and his Mod-mates have grown very attached to their Mod and the aura surrounding it. There is still graffiti under the stairs relating to each year’s striptease. When Lavelle meets previous Strip Mod alumni at tailgates, they all laugh and joke about how they didn’t think the Strip Mods would last after they graduated. Lavelle says that “The guys from 2007 couldn’t believe that it was still a yearly tradition.”  

Lavelle is especially proud of hosting the strip show this year because “Boston College has very few traditions that are fueled by student momentum and willingness to participate. It’s not often that 500 people respond to an event saying that they want to come see you get naked.”

The strip show indeed wouldn’t be a success without the students. Since it (understandably) isn’t a school-supported tradition like Eagle Walk or Marathon Monday, the Strip Mod wholly depends on Boston College students to bond together and show their mutual support for fellow students. The men of 27B are extremely excited to carry on that legacy, and maintain this “real tradition.”

So, while my friends might not have realized it this past summer, I have not one, but eight more strip shows that I plan on attending over the next four years.

More details on the fall 2016 Strip Mod can be found on Facebook.

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