Photo courtesy of Tumblr

A Look Inside the Faculty Dining Room

Hidden away, the BC Faculty Dining Room can be found up a flight of stairs right off the entrance of McElroy Commons. While most students have never set foot in the restaurant-like atmosphere, professors gather there on a daily basis to chat and eat.

“It’s like a restaurant in the middle of a cafeteria,” described Sarya Baladi, MCAS '19, who has eaten in the faculty dining room multiple times. “You wouldn’t expect it to be in Mac; you’d expect it to be in Gasson.”

Fine china and linen are set on the tables, while a student wait staff seats guests, supplies beverages, and takes orders from a menu. A hot buffet, dessert platters, soups, and sandwiches are merely a sampling of the available options.

While the student body has often rumored that the faculty dining food is far superior, Michael Forcier, the General Manager at McElroy, noted otherwise. “Most, if not all, of the menu items are served on our regular cycle menu. Some customers say the mac and cheese at the faculty dining room is better but just as many say Carney's is better. It is all a preference for which style you like.”

Forcier added that the faculty dining room has come a long way since its humble beginnings. “Approximately ten years ago it changed from basically a brown bag, lunch room to a nice, sit-down dining room, and it has been an attractive space on campus to host events in the evening.”

But the quaint, upscale room does come with a hint of exclusivity; students can only eat there if invited by faculty, and even professors are advised to make reservations during busy hours.

Sarya Baladi recalled that the dining staff is constantly on alert for prohibited student walk-ins: “Once my professor forgot to meet me in the faculty dining hall, and I had to wait there for like half an hour; I was kindly asked to leave by the wait staff.”

As a final note, Baladi added, “It’s like two completely different worlds colliding, a mix between college dining hall food and an upscale restaurant.”