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YouTube's Lesser-Known Creators Still Produce Valuable Content

Since its initial launch in 2005, YouTube has uprooted traditional media and changed the game for both content creators and viewers. A myriad of creators have carved communities for themselves in the Internet world, ranging from beauty gurus to gamers to inspirational lifestyle channels. Today, most of the high profile YouTubers have garnered millions—yes, millions—of subscribers. From book deals, movie roles, to their own TV shows, YouTubers utilize the online platform to build careers that surpass the limits that accompany online fame. Now that the better known content creators have developed such expansive fanbases and careers, some argue that the organic, genuine content that the creators began with has been lost. YouTube's high profile content has been muddled with product sponsored content and professional videos that distract from the lesser-known content and its creators. The end of winter break is approaching, so if you’re looking to take a break from your break, then check out some of these channels! They are a great remedy to boredom as they offer laughter, inspiration, and pure entertainment:

  1. NerdyandQuirky

          Subscribers: 153,141

True to her channel name, Sabrina uses her quirky comedy to teach her viewers something new, rant about her latest frustrations, and give advice on various topics of interest. She is energetic, witty, and knows a lot of obscure yet worthy history facts which she cleverly compiles into a segment entitled "Cool History." Other than pure entertainment, Sabrina's videos seem to give the viewer more than surface level entertainment, as she concludes each video with thought-provoking questions. 

  1. Daniel Marsh

          Subscribers: 67,346

Daniel’s style of visual storytelling is distinguished by artistic editing and aesthetic, eye-catching shots. Based in the Philippines, the combination of unique editing and daily vlog footage make his videos thoroughly enjoyable to watch. Many of Daniel's videos explore the eastern parts of the globe, providing viewers with a taste of life in the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Taiwan.

  1. theoffcamerashow

          Subscribers: 96,787

This channel features interviews with some of the most notable and talented actors, writers, and musicians of our time. It extends beyond typical TV-interview dialogue and expands the conversation into the complexities of being an artist. Interviews include discussions on artistic journey, great storytelling, and the art of failure. Some artists featured on the channel include Andrew Garfield, Mindy Kaling, and Greta Gerwig.

  1. Sara Dietschy

          Subscribers: 145,204       

This channel intertwines vlogging with cinematography and brings a style that is slightly similar to the videos of well-known YouTuber Casey Neistat. Sara’s content is fresh, interesting, and aesthetically appealing. Her channel includes many segments discussing travel, vlogging, and creativity tips. Two notable segments uploaded on her channel are Creative Spaces TV and That Creative Life, in which Sara collaborates with other artists and entrepreneurs.

  1. Antastesia

          Subscribers: 101,478

This quirky channel covers a myriad of topics including literature, social constructs, traveling, and sexuality. It’s hosted by our lovely Parisian friend, Emy, who engages in thoughtful discussion with her audience. Emy is raw, funny, and real (or as real as one can appear on the Internet).

  1. Piano Around the World

          Subscribers: 71,078

In need of an uplifting video or some inspirational music? Then check out piano prodigy Dotan as he travels to unique places and spreads music and love around the world. His channel features impromptu duets with strangers, original pieces, and even a beatbox medley. Not only are Dotan's skills endless, but he is also sure to put a smile on your face with his upbeat personality.

  1. D4Darious

          Subscribers: 112,621

If you’re interested in movie-making, screenplay writing, and the film industry in general, then this channel is for you. The host, Darious Britt, is a former film student who imparts his knowledge of the medium in energetic, quick-cut videos. He covers everything from analyzing major films to creating your own first short. 

  1. tiffanyferg

          Subscribers: 70,521

Tiffany is a breath of fresh air when it comes to YouTube. According to the channel's description, she promises "COMEDY, HONESTY, GOOD TIMES!" Known for her rant-filled videos, Tiffany discusses real challenges she has faced as a college student. She strays away from mainstream YouTube "fluff." Instead, in her wonderfully satirical videos, Tiffany discusses prevalent social and political issues, job search struggles, studying abroad, and vegan-ism.

  1. Chris Klemens

          Subscribers: 119,207

Each week Chris takes on the streets of New York City where he interviews and interacts with random strangers. His content mostly centers around interviewing strangers, conducting public pranks, and doing comedy sketches. His dry humor is the perfect combination of sass and sarcasm and makes for hilarious videos.

  1. Cath in College

          Subscribers: 9,984

This weekly vlog channel takes you through the life of Catherine Goetze, a full-time college student attending Stanford University. She offers life advice, college tips, and shows us that not all Stanford students fall under the snooty work-driven robot stereotype. Cath does not sugarcoat things; rather, she keeps it real with her witty humor and unique filming style.

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