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Dan Lee / Gavel Media

Martin O’Malley to Teach at BC Law

Martin O’Malley has been announced as the Jerome Lyle Rappaport Visiting Professor at Boston College Law School for the Spring 2017 semester.

O’Malley, who gained national attention for his recent presidential campaign, is a former Maryland governor and Baltimore mayor who “has cited his Catholic faith and Jesuit education as integral to his personal and professional life.”

At BC Law, O’Malley will teach a course entitled “Leadership and Data Driven Government,” a strong suit of the Maryland man who, according to this BC press release, was known for his use of “performance management systems and analytics” during his time in office. O’Malley will also be participating in a variety of panel discussions through the Rappaport Distinguished Public Policy Series.

O’Malley, who is now a senior fellow at the city-university partnership MetroLab Network, said in the press release that he is “grateful to the Rappaport Center for the opportunity to be there this spring.” The former governor also offered praise to BC, referring to it as a “rich ecosystem of diverse thought.”

O’Malley hopes to stress the importance of the Catholic themes of social justice, human dignity, and the common good amidst this era of intense political polarization. 

During the 2016 Democratic nominee race, O’Malley campaigned with a platform centered around progressive economic reform, including a “living wage” ($15), immigration reform, gun control, voting reform, and more financial regulations.

O’Malley led first as mayor of Baltimore from 1999–2007 and then as governor of Maryland from 2007–2015. Along with strides in economic restructuring, his administration was lauded for its work on more affordable college tuition and improvement in public schools.

Also during his mayoral term, O’Malley adopted the CitiStat and StateStat systems, statistics-based tracking methods used to reduce crime. O’Malley plans to use these programs as examples in his course at BC Law to demonstrate the importance of data and management principles in measuring progress. He also plans to work with the Center for Irish Programs while at BC.

O’Malley is himself a graduate of a Jesuit high school and Catholic university (the Catholic University of America), therefore instilling his admiration for BC’s Jesuit values both inside and outside the classrooms.

“One of the best aspects about being on a Catholic college campus is being able to talk about the work of great Catholic, Jesuit thinkers on the issues that concern us all,” he explains in the press release.“I’m sure there will be many such discussions, formal and informal.”