Anthony Golden / Gavel Media

BC Says Goodbye to Popular Eagle’s Nest Employee

Maria Gonzalez, a beloved employee at Eagle’s Nest, was let go from Boston College Dining Services over winter break. She worked for BC Dining for the past 3 years and built a reputation for getting to know students on a personal level.

Maria could often be found with a smile on her face while working hard on preparing sandwiches for students while also chatting and asking about their lives, often in Spanish. She would always have sandwiches pre-made and ready to go. She always prepared extras of her favorite sandwich, the Tuscan Chicken.

Originally from Peru, Maria has been living in the US for 4 years. Maria was hired to work for BC Dining through a temporary employment agency. According to Associate Director of University Dining Services Megan O’Neill, temporary employees are contracted as needed through temp agencies when BC Dining does not have all of the full-time and part-time workers it needs, and the agency receives additional payment for the employee's work. When BC Dining hired a full staff of its own workers, they no longer needed to pay for a more expensive temporary employee.

O’Neill made it clear that Maria was a great worker, and dining services appreciated all the contributions she has made to Boston College, but her time had always been limited, given the nature of her employment.

One of the many students who had become close to Maria during her time at Boston College, Zac Basile, MCAS ‘18, explained how important she was to him and his friends. “She was always like a mother to us and would look after us. Always making sure we were doing alright.” Basile said. “She really cared and that was what made her the G.O.A.T.”

The Gavel had the opportunity to speak with Maria so she could share some final words with the students of BC. “I want my loves to know that it was such a beautiful experience to make their sandwiches everyday.” Maria said. “I will take each one in my heart forever. I learned from them that love is everywhere, even so far away from home. Keep smiling and be good.”

Maria was quickly able to find a new job and is already at work again.

A private Facebook event was created by upset students who wanted to organize a protest in hopes of bringing back Maria. A description of the event read “Seeing Maria was the highlight of many of our days and in an effort to get her back at BC there will be a boycott on all of Eagles Nest.” Part of the justifications for the boycott are based on not knowing the reasons for her departure.