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BC Dining Services Introduces Hubert’s Lemonade to Campus Dining Halls

Boston College Dining Services, as part of a collaboration with The Coca-Cola Company, recently introduced Hubert's Organic Lemonade to dining halls on campus. The beverage, currently available in the strawberry, watermelon, raspberry, and black raspberry flavors, offers a popular and much-coveted alternative to pre-existing options.

The product was brought to campus before students returned to campus after winter recess and will be available in the three On the Fly mini marts as a standard item, according to Megan O’Neill, the Associate Director of Restaurant Operations at Boston College Dining Services.

O’Neill asserted that the introduction of Hubert’s Lemonade to the university populace represents one of a plethora of initiatives geared at introducing new items vended by The Coca-Cola Company to the BC community.

“As part of our partnership with Coke, we will be bringing new items they carry to BC Dining.  We will run them for two weeks in Lower Live, Carney and Stuart to see if students like the product,” she commented. “If we are going to keep the items, they will be moved into On the Fly Eagle Marts where they will be part of the beverages offered. Hubert products received favorable responses from students, and will be making the transition to the mini-marts.”

Hubert’s Lemonade, in addition to providing its products for sale in college campuses, has sought to implement a community engagement model whereby interested students are given the opportunity to help generate trial and brand awareness of the product on their college campuses whilst enabling their peers to exchange product samples and brand information. These students, designated as Hubert’s Lemonade College Brand Ambassadors, are seminal communicators of the brand’s message.

The Gavel had the opportunity to discuss the product and its integration into the campus community with Katie Diasti (CSOM ‘19), who serves as a Hubert’s Lemonade Brand Ambassador for Boston College along with Shannon Courtney (CSOM ‘18).

Courtney and Diasti, both concentrating in marketing, found the job listing in the “This Week in CSOM” newsletter, and were selected to serve as brand ambassadors following a number of rigorous Skype and phone interviews.

Diasti underscored the applicability of her marketing courses to her role as an ambassador of the product while highlighting the dynamic message and branding strategies of Hubert’s Lemonade as a crucial factor in her decision to become a representative.

As a marketing concentrator, I have always been interested in brand rep jobs and was already familiar with the product,” Diasti said. “I loved the idea and message of ‘joy’ that Hubert's Lemonade brings. They are all about simple fun and joy you find through day-to-day activities or weekend hangouts.”

As brand ambassadors, Diasti and Courtney will work to increase brand awareness by interacting with the student body through constant sampling initiatives at events throughout the year.

“As a rep, I will be looking to bring Hubert's Lemonade to about four events every month, as well as providing bottles for fellow students simply looking to try the product,” Diasti said. “You may have spotted Shannon and I in Lower dining hall or Mac sporting bright yellow Hubert's t-shirts giving out samples and talking with students.”

Diasti, commenting on the steadily increasing popularity of Hubert’s Lemonade on campus, expressed optimism for the demand for Hubert’s Lemonade throughout the BC community and her role in introducing students to the product as an ambassador.

“We are already very excited and hard at work to bring Hubert's to the best and biggest events on campus to enhance the overall joy of the student body, all while they get to try a delicious beverage.”

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