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Mike Sacco Named Executive Director of Office of First Year Experience

Boston College’s Mike Sacco has been named the new Executive Director of the Office of First Year Experience. Sacco, who is beginning his 22nd year at BC, was formerly the director of the Center for Student Formation on campus.

Mr. Sacco brings a wealth of experience following his work with the Center for Student Formation, where he trained both 48 Hours and Orientation Leaders, and spoke at summer Orientation sessions on balancing freedom and responsibility in college. Mr. Sacco says he hopes to bring an energy and excitement to this new position, hoping to see “what this next chapter looks like for BC and how FYE can best adapt to that.”

Mr. Sacco’s main priority as the new Executive Director is to work on expanding and strengthening diversity inclusion within the program. FYE is launching a new Compass Mentorship Program for AHANA students entering BC. Mr. Sacco is well aware of diversity and inclusion as national interests, and looks forward to working more in-depth on that area.  

As for any potential changes to the program for First Year Experience, Mr. Sacco maintains that it is often wise for someone entering a new position to take time to learn how things work before implementing any sweeping changes. He is looking forward to going through both the Orientation program and 48 Hours and seeing where the programs can be improved from there. Mr. Sacco stresses the importance of hearing the voices of his team, and is confident that any opportunities to make changes will emerge with time.

Looking ahead, the new Executive Director is excited to create a more robust program for student formation here at BC. Mr. Sacco’s joint directorship of the Center for Student Formation and the First Year Experience acts as a strategic merging of the two programs. As Biz Bracher, the Associate Director of FYE best explains, “Mike's appointment as Executive Director of The Center for Student Formation and First Year Experience simply formalizes a natural connection between these two offices and underscores his professional commitment to making a difference in the lives of BC students.”

Sacco also notes the importance of the opportunity for freshman to interact with upperclassmen through the various FYE programs. With 36 leaders for Ascend, 70 leaders for 48 Hours, and 24 leaders for the Compass program (just to name a few), each one of these programs simultaneously provides a leadership opportunity for an upperclassmen, and a mentorship opportunity for a freshman. As Mr. Sacco best describes, “The number one influence on a college student is another college student.”

BC is moving full speed ahead to offer the best First-Year Experience possible. Mr. Sacco expresses whole-heartedly that “I’m here and I’m learning,” and that he cannot wait to see what the future has in store for student formation and the undergraduate experience at Boston College.

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