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Agape Latte Spreads the Love With Free Student Valentines

The Agape Latte student board’s Spread the Love campaign is offering students an opportunity to send valentines to each other during the first two weeks of February.

Agape Latte is a coffeehouse speaker series created by the Church in the 21st Century and Campus Ministry at Boston College, whose name is derived from the Greek word “agape,” which is love that seeks nothing in return. The organization frequently extends beyond speakers to try and achieve ITS mission.

“Agape Latte wants to help you spread the love across campus—to friends, classmates, crushes (<3), or that special someone—through personalized valentines!” reads an announcement from the Agape Latte student board.

The valentines are available by the Chocolate Bar in the front of Stokes Hall South and there is a mailbox outside the building labeled “Agape Latte” to send them. The valentines will be personally delivered to student dorms by the Agape Latte student board.

One of Agape Latte’s student leaders, Eileen Corkery, MCAS ‘17, sees this event as an extension of the organization’s mission.

“The mission of Agape Latte is to spread this ‘agapic’ love across campus, whether it be through stories, experiences, or service projects,” said Corkery. “We hope that students will use this as an opportunity to make others feel welcome in the BC community. Send one to a shy floormate, your best friend, or that quiet kid in your Perspectives class. This is a chance to make others feel at home at Boston College!”

The event leads up to an Agape Latte Night featuring Director of the Volunteer and Service Learning Center Dan Ponsetto at 8 p.m. on February 14 in Hillside.

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