Photo courtesy of SC: Boston College's All Male Step Team / Facebook

Treat Yo' Self to Sexual Chocolate's V-Day Show

Few BC events receive the honor of the coveted “SOLD-OUT” on Robsham Theater’s website within the span of two hours, but Sexual Chocolate’s annual Valentine’s Day show manages to do just that every year. This year was no different. Many disappointed students frantically logged onto their student RTAC accounts at 10 a.m. only to find that they were out of luck and tickets were nowhere to be found. 

For those lucky (and who woke up early) enough to acquire a ticket, get ready for a wild ride. Subsequent to their brilliant headline show two weeks ago, dance organizations Patu and Synergy will be opening. And while neither the SC captain, Liam Cotter, MCAS ‘18, nor SC president, Osamase Ekhator, MCAS ‘17, would reveal much about their upcoming performance, they mentioned that the audience was in for a big surprise.

While Sexual Chocolate’s Valentine’s Day Show has become a staple event many BC students look forward to over the years, it is also an extremely meaningful event for the Sexual Chocolate team members.

“We spent many late nights within a short period of time to prepare for this show. It’s an amazing chance to show off all the hard work we’ve put in.” Cotter notes, “This show is an equal balance of skits and steps. One of the reasons I’m so excited is because all of our members will be able to collectively show off our acting and individual personality traits.”

Ekhator, a senior who has been a member of Sexual Chocolate since his freshman year, commented, “Freshman year, the moment the stage opened and the crowd went wild was one of the most exhilarating moments of my life. I’m excited to experience that feeling one last time before I graduate.”

So, if you haven’t bought a ticket, hopefully you can find a friend who will sell one to you. And if you have one… #AreYouReady?

Sexual Chocolate’s Valentine’s Day Show will be on 2/10/17 at Robsham Theater at 7:00 p.m.

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