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Photo courtesy of Akosua and Tt for UGBC 2017 / Facebook

The Gavel Endorses Akosua Achampong and Tt King for UGBC President and Vice President

The Gavel has chosen to endorse Akosua Achampong and Tt King, MCAS '18, for UGBC President and Vice President for their passionate and unwavering advocacy for progressive issues on campus.

The Gavel Editorial Board had the pleasure of meeting with each pair of candidates running for UGBC President and Vice President to discuss their platforms for the upcoming term.

While all of the candidates affirmed their intention to support progressive values and underserved student communities, Achampong and King's platform is incredibly robust and concrete on these matters, including new plans for a dedicated faculty member to assist LGBTQ+ identifying students, advocacy for the divestment of Boston College funds from fossil fuel public equities, and a plan for a UGBC mobile application to increase transparency and communication between students and on-campus organizations. We believe their years of experience working closely with both student groups and administrative powers will be valuable assets in advocating for the rights of students and creating tangible change on campus.

The other two pairs of candidates, Dan Wu and Jack Kelly, both MCAS ‘18, and Raymond Mancini and Matt Batsinelas, both CSOM ‘19, demonstrated an ingenuity and commitment to improving the lives of all students here at Boston College that impressed our Editorial Board. In particular, we believe Wu and Kelly's platform of improving student life through technology on campus has the potential to create positive change.

While meeting with Achampong and King, both candidates addressed our question: "Why did you decide to run for UGBC President and Vice President?" with an answer that stemmed back to their family lives and initial experiences on campus. Achampong spoke of her experiences at home, fighting to make her voice heard in spite of older siblings, and how she learned to refine those skills to advocate for underrepresented voices on campus. King expressed her appreciation for her mentors and friends she has met through BC and the "incredible luck" that brought Achampong and King together as random freshman roommates.

The Gavel is incredibly proud to announce our endorsement this year. We look forward to a fair election and wish our future president and vice president luck in uniting the BC community and creating positive change on campus.


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