Tori Fisher / Gavel Media

Valentine's Day Diatribe

Is there a cold war between couples and singles on Valentine’s Day? There is. But does there need to be? I could make an argument about how the modern view of Valentine’s Day is distorted from its actual origins or that Valentine’s Day is a holiday created by the greeting card companies. Or I could admit that maybe people should just relax. Life doesn’t always have to be so serious. Save that passion for Christmas.

As a single lady, I get it. Seeing a couple in love on Valentine’s Day can sometimes make you a little nauseous. Truthfully, sometimes just seeing an obnoxious couple on any normal day can make me nauseous. I understand getting angry at a couple holding hands and walking too slowly on the stairs, but I don’t think seeing people happy should make anybody else feel less happy. But if you can’t help but feel down on Valentine’s Day (which is completely okay because all feelings are valid), maybe you shouldn’t bash the holiday or the couples who happen to enjoy it. There are so many other days (364 to be exact) where I can be cynical. The day that actually celebrates love shouldn’t be the one I choose.

Additionally, Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to only be about couples. It can about your mom. Well, not YOUR mom. I mean everyone’s moms. Or everyone’s friends. Or everyone’s whatever. Eat the free candy given out. Notice the slightly lighter atmosphere in the dining halls. And if you’re frustrated with love or the lack thereof, then that’s perfectly normal. But this frustration doesn’t just exist on Valentine’s Day. If it exists on February 14, it most likely exists on all days. Maybe it just comes out a little bit more when you feel as though you're the Bridget Jones of Valentine's Day. So couples, enjoy the day with your significant other but don’t be too obnoxious for us loners. And to those who are single, you just saved $10 on chocolate.

“You deserve love and you’ll get it.” – Amy Poehler, Boston College ‘93

“Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world.” – Lucille Ball

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