Photo courtesy of Akosua and Tt for UGBC 2017 / Facebook

Akosua and Tt Are Elected UGBC President and Executive VP

The Elections Committee has announced that Akosua Achampong and Tt King, both MCAS ‘18, have won the election to lead the Undergraduate Government of Boston College.

Achampong, who has previously served as Montserrat Student Ambassador and Chair of the AHANA Leadership Council, will serve as UGBC President. King, who works with the Bystander Sexual Assault Prevention Program and is a staff member at the Boston College Women's Center, will serve as Executive Vice President.

Photo courtesy of Akosua and Tt for UGBC 2017 / Facebook

The duo defeated the teams of Ray Mancini and Matt Batsinelas, both CSOM ‘19, and Dan Wu and Jack Kelly, both MCAS ‘18.

The team ran on a progressive platform, focusing on policies improving the experiences of first-generation, low-income, and transfer students, as well as athletes, students with disabilities, and members of the LGBTQ community.

According to their website, which contains information about them and their policies, Akosua and Tt’s vision is to make BC “an accurate and unifying representation of our community; one that acts as a vehicle to amplify the diverse group of student voices and harness the power of perspective.”

The Gavel endorsed the newly elected pair on Tuesday.

UPDATE: February 16th, 2017, 10:20 p.m:

According to the Elections Committee Achampong and King won with 1,676 votes, with Mancini and Batsinelas coming in second with 450 votes, and Wu and Kelly in third with 305 votes.

These results show a voter turnout around 27%, although 209 votes were deducted from the total count due to sanctions from the committee, and adding those votes in brings the total to around 29%.

Due to negative campaigning on social media, Mancini and Batsinelas were forbidden from campaigning on Newtown, and another social media incident caused a 50 vote deduction.

Achampong and King lost 109 votes due to using a Boston College Listerserv for their campaign, and they lost 50 votes due to an endorsement by a registered student organization, which is not allowed under election rules.

Wu and Kelly did not receive any complaints or sanctions.

Elections for the Student Assembly also took place.

For the Class of 2020, Ellen O'Brien, Ignacio Fletcher, Madeleine McCullough, and Aneed Sheikh won seats.

For the Class of 2019, Katie Bailey, Hailey Burgess, Caroline Monnes, and Reed Piercey won seats.

For the Class of 2018, Alexandra Kontopanos, Connor Kratz, and Andrew Meck won seats.

At Large Student Assembly seats went to Maddy Karsten, Brigid Kelley, Mengru Pu, and Michael Zuppone.

Daniel Schantz won the seat for the Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences, and James Noyes won for the Carroll School of Management.