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Create a Portrait or Become One at McMullen's "Sketch Your Partner" Night

Ever wanted to draw your friend or S.O. like Jack Dawson draws one of his French girls? Come to BC's McMullen Museum on Thursday, Feb. 16 to either draw or get drawn by that special someone. 

'Tis the season of love, and what better way to tell your better half how much he or she shines in your eyes than by revealing it through art? To kick off its new do-it-yourself series called "D.I.Y. Night at the McMullen," the McMullen Museum is hosting "Sketch Your Partner" night, where students are invited to draw their romantic partner, friend, roommate or whomever they decide to bring as they sit opposite them.

As the museum says on its website, "No prior drawing experience is required. We'll provide the materials, you provide the creativity." The kickoff of the late-night D.I.Y. series is an exciting development of the museum as it will allow students to exercise their artistic abilities in a highly artistic setting within the context of different themes each night. In this Valentine's Day-themed "Sketch Your Partner" event, students will be able to venture into portraiture and develop their skills as a sketch artist, while (hopefully) flattering their friends or significant others.

The emergence of a D.I.Y. series at McMullen will provide students with an opportunity to create art as well as appreciate it. In a 2013 interview with the BC Arts Insider, artist and alumnus Tim Lemire, '89, shared how his D.I.Y. experience in the arts at BC was liberating: "If no one cares, you can do whatever you want! BC prepared me for a career in the arts by letting me try a lot of things so I could figure out what I wanted to do. Every time I come back to campus, I reconnect with that spirit of adventure and possibility."

"Sketch Your Partner" night is certainly not restricted to students contemplating a career in the arts. All are welcome to this free event that offers students a chance to be whimsical or serious in their depictions of their sketch buddy, and you may even get a free portrait of yourself out of it.

While the event is free, prior registration is required. To register and learn more about the "Sketch Your Partner" event, check out the McMullen website.

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