Shae Heitz / Gavel Media

Us the Duo's Just Love Tour Lands in Boston

On Feb. 15, the Paradise Rock Club hosted Us the Duo and opener Hailey Knox on the pair’s Just Love Tour. Despite the rain, the eager crowd lined up against the theater's exterior wall, excitedly waiting to enter the venue and for the married couple to take the stage.

The American folk pop duo of Carissa and Michael Alvarado became an internet sensation from their seven-second Vines beginning in 2013. As they opened the concert with the song from their first Vine ever made, “All of Me” by John Legend, the crowd went wild. The show consisted of a mix of covers, originals, and songs from their Just Love and Public Record albums.

The duo’s newest studio album, Public Record was released in December 2016. The inspiration for this album came from Us the Duo's fan club, otherwise known as "Us the Family." Fans sent their moving life stories to the couple and they selected several stories and wrote songs about them. The results were both heartwarming and inspirational.

The tag-team's musical career began with Vines recorded from their living room couch; the couple incorporated this same living room aesthetic in their recent performance.

One portion of the show featured a question-and-answer session based on questions that the audience had submitted in a fishbowl prior to the show. Mid-concert, the Carissa and Michael pulled an audience member, Jerry, from the crowd to read from the fishbowl. The three of them sat on the couch and the duo answered the fans' inquiries.

One of the questions came from concert attendee Nikki, who requested advice for people hoping to succeed in the music business and asked about Us The Duo's writing process. Smiling at his wife, Michael responded by saying that he mainly writes lyrics while Carissa (known as Chris by many) writes the music and melodies. Their advice to Nikki was to constantly write down the thoughts and emotions that come to her mind.

Jerry pulled out the next piece of paper from the fishbowl and laughed out loud. “Chris,” he began, “on a scale of one to ten how hot is your husband?" After the entire Rock Club erupted with laughter, Chris asked whom the question was from—it was from her husband. “You are a 20 out of 10,” Chris gracefully answered.

Chris and Michael's goal was to create a show that was enjoyable and particularly personal. “We want you to feel like you are hanging out with us in our living room,” Michael said towards the beginning of the show—and that is exactly what the two did.

To close the show, the couple performed the song they sang for their wedding vows, "I’ll Be There." Halfway through the song, Chris stopped singing and yelled “Oh my gosh!” She pointed to the front row and exclaimed, “She’s proposing!” The newly engaged couple in the audience smiled and shared a kiss while the duo finished the song. After the song ended, and the crowd applauded for the couple in the front row. Chris and Michael said that was definitely a first for them—a moment they'll remember forever.

Through love and great music, Us the Duo left their mark on Boston, encouraging the crowd to go out and Just Love.

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