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An Open Love Letter to College Road

I’ll admit it—a year ago, I, too, was swayed by the Walsh 8-man fantasies that captivated every other freshman at Boston College. Amidst the storm that is the BC housing process, our minds were all clouded with the infamous tidbits we knew from those who had come before us: cling to your options on Lower campus and avoid College Road at all costs—for the sake of your social life. A year on CoRo was a year doomed to isolation, meals at Mac, and being mistaken for a freshman. Right?

Housing week rolled along, with each day closing in on empty promises of a pick time. One by one, friend groups were placed in their future suite-style homes on Lower, while the rest of us waited anxiously for what we knew must be a dreaded spot (with communal bathrooms and no air conditioning) on CoRo. Even my optimistic nature was failing me as I worked to convince myself that it wouldn’t be as bad as everyone said it would be.

Finally, the sun set on the last day of the housing process, and my roommates and I chose a top floor quad in Welch Hall. From that day forward, we were barraged with the responses one might expect: “Did you say Walsh or Welch?” followed by “Oh, no! I’m so sorry!” It didn’t take long for me to realize that I didn’t want their sympathies—however, it wasn’t until moving day of sophomore year that it began to sink in how lucky I really had been.

So, here it is: my long-overdue love letter to College Road. With less than a semester of sophomore year left ahead of me, here’s my tribute to the times well-spent on everybody’s favorite underrated housing option, good ole’ CoRo. Anxious freshmen, this one’s for you.

You will come to realize how much you love Mac.

No lie—it probably won’t take much more than waiting in the hour-long dinner lines at Lower for you to realize that Mac is actually not that bad. That Starbucks on the way to class (without the Hillside lines) is just another plus. I actually came to discover during my time as a CoRo sophomore that Mac—especially the yellow room next to On the Fly—doubles as a great study spot with a lovely, convenient proximity to food whenever you need it. And you kinda come to love the weird and wonderful variety of playlists that stream over the speakers at Late Night.

If anything, those treks to Lower will provide you with a little extra cardio for the day.

Of all the dreaded things I heard about life on CoRo, it’s that the real killer would be the walk to Lower campus. This may come as a shock, but my social life actually was pretty unaffected by the extra seven-to-ten minutes it took for me to trek down. I promise, it’s really not that bad—if anything, those hikes up and down the infamous cliff path will give you a little extra cardio for the day (bonus points for all the hikes made in heels).

The close proximity to classes will absolutely be your savior.

When that sophomore slump hits, so does the realization that sleep is the ultimate priority—and nothing is quite as satisfying as realizing that the two-minute walk to class means you can sleep in just a little bit later. It doesn’t hurt that your convenient College Road location will also lend itself nicely to quick naps between classes.

Having communal bathrooms means that you’ll never have to buy your own toilet paper.

I know that communal bathrooms seem like an antiquated freshman year staple once you become a sophomore, but I also know that my wallet has enjoyed not having to worry about going to CVS to buy mass quantities of toilet paper every couple of weeks. I mean, seriously, it adds up. A second year of having to wear shower shoes is a small price to pay.

You’ll find a home in the sense of CoRo community.

Cheesy, but true—I grew in some of my friendships and was able to form entirely new ones because CoRo brought us together. Having a group of friends you know you’ll see in the dinner crowd at Mac, or that you can still bump into in your floor’s bathroom, actually builds a sense of community more than you might think. Together you’ll be mistaken for freshmen and laugh about it, fight over whether the stairs or cliff path is faster, and trek back up from Lower after a little Saturday evening Late Night. You’ll find that fellow CoRo-ers share a certain understanding about life as a sophomore on the Upper side of campus—they just get it.

So, for the freshmen soon to embark on the long and arduous journey that is the BC housing process: have no fear. Lower is great, of course, but it’s not the end of the world if that’s not where the housing gods decide to place you. There’s something to be said about coming back home to College Road after a long night, and I know that the CoRo community was an absolutely essential part of my sophomore year. Long story short, don’t sweat it; College Road is a pretty special little place that I’ve been lucky to call home.

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