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Photo courtesy of The Gavel Marathon Monday t-shirts

A Comprehensive Guide to Marathon Monday Tees

The Boston Marathon is upon us. As runners near the end of their extensive training, volunteers make their final preparations, and the city of Boston readies itself for a flood of tourists, students across Boston face a paramount decision: selecting the perfect Marathon Monday tee to don on the long-awaited holiday.

Each year, Boston College students create a myriad of t-shirt designs and subsequently share them in hopes of raising money for a charity of their choice and in support of the marathon participants. Often incorporating "Mile 21"—as BC falls on the twenty-first mile of the designated marathon route—the t-shirts give students the opportunity to support the runners and their charities, as well as prepare them for the annually anticipated Marathon Monday.

Thus, below is The Gavel's comprehensive list of t-shirt options for this year's Boston Marathon:

Patagonia Marathon Monday Tee:

Courtesy of Patagonia Marathon Monday's Facebook

The Office Marathon Monday Shirts:

Courtesy of The Office Marathon Monday Shirts Facebook

Tom Brady/Sam Adams Long Sleeve Shirt:

Courtesy of Marathon Monday Tom Brady/Sam Adams Long Sleeve Facebook

GlobeMed's Caps and Tanks For a Cause:

Courtesy of GlobeMed at Boston College's Facebook

Dunkin' Donuts Mile 21 Tees:

Courtesy of Marathon Monday Mile 21 T-Shirts Facebook

Marathon Monday American Flag Long Sleeve:

Courtesy of Marathon Monday American Flag Facebook

Marathon SZN Tees:

Courtesy of Marathon SZN's Facebook Page

Walsh Marathon Monday Long Sleeve:

Courtesy of Walsh Marathon Monday Facebook

Jamaica Mustard Seed "Run BC" Shirts:

Courtesy of Jamaica Mustard Seed Facebook

The Gavel's 'I Feel Like It's Marathon Monday' (Life of Pablo) Tee:

Courtesy of The Gavel's Marathon Monday T-Shirts/Tanks Facebook

For more Marathon Monday T-shirt designs, visit .

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