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Battle of the Bands Expected to Impress

The leisure of spring break is quickly fading as students snap back into school mode. The familiar rhythm of classes and extracurricular activities return to the daily routine. While some Eagles are still stuck in a trance of relaxation, others are busy studying for midterm exams. This Thursday, however, offers a chance to escape the winter monotony: Battle of the Bands.

Battle of the Bands is an annual competition hosted in the spring semester by the Music Guild of Boston College, BC Arts Council, and the Campus Activities Board. The first round of student bands competing will take place on March 16 at 8 p.m. in the Vandy Cabaret Room.

The final three winners will then move on to perform at BC Arts Council’s Annual Arts Festival in April. The grand prize? A chance to be the opening act at Modstock, the biggest BC concert of the year that takes place on the last day of classes. Last year’s winner, Funky Giant, opened for T-Pain.

Battle of the Bands is an opportunity for students to listen to their fellow BC musicians, support their friends, or discover new music. The bands featured this year are The Outliers, Juice, Little Saturday, Unit One, White Noise, and O2.

The Music Guild was founded in 1981 and is the largest music organization on campus. According to its mission statement, the club aims to “help grow the music scene on the Heights” and does so by hosting open mic nights, band showcases, singer-songwriter competitions, and of course, Battle of the Bands.

Caroline Rooney, MCAS ’19, is a member of the Music Guild and looks forward to Battle of the Bands because it gives students a chance to perform original songs in front of their peers.

Rooney describes it as “Not so much a battle than it is a giant, encouraging jam session that just so happens to be a competition.”

The event both promotes the local music community on campus and fosters friendly competition. It's an opportunity for students to escape into the melodic world of live music and relax for one night.

Thursday, March 16 kicks off the Battle, and the event is free of charge.

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