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UCS Introduces WellTrack Program

WellTrack, an online program created to help students track and assess their mental health and personal well-being, is now available to Boston College students.

The program was introduced by the University Counseling Services (UCS).

“We have been [made] aware of the growing [presence] of mental health concerns at UCS, and recognize that not all problems are best addressed by a single treatment model,” said Craig Burns, the director of UCS. “We are providing this rapid access to information and skills to help students with some of the less intense symptoms of anxiety and depression, in the hope that it will decrease the likelihood of those symptoms becoming more intense and in need of more intense intervention.”

WellTrack assists students in managing stress, anxiety, and depression with resources including videos, relaxation exercises, mood tracking tools, and written exercises. These tools have been proven to be successful in helping students address thoughts that are damaging to their mental health.

Furthermore, WellTrack provides additional resources for students who are currently involved in counseling.

“This particular platform also has the benefit of being [available] as an adjunct to therapy in cases where students could utilize some skills work, in addition to the psychotherapy they may be already engaging at UCS,” Dr. Burns continued.

Students interested in utilizing Welltrack may start an account at UCS provides this service to BC students for free with the access code BCWelltrack.

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