Photo courtesy of Boston College Dance Ensemble / Facebook

What to Expect at Dance Ensemble's Masquerade

Boston College’s Dance Ensemble will be performing at 7 p.m. on Friday, March 17 and Saturday, March 18 in Robsham Theatre. Their event, a Mardi Gras-themed performance called Masquerade, will also feature performances by Synergy, BC Irish Dance, Uprising, and On Tap.

Dance Ensemble, often referred to as ‘DE’ is a high-energy, student-run and choreographed dance group that employs a mix of styles in their performances. They hold one large show each year in the spring semester.

“We have some ballet, some point, some contemporary, and a little bit of tap,” explained Karen Krieg, MCAS ’19, who is in her second year performing with DE. Krieg noted, “There are thirty really talented dancers on the team. And you’ll see a little bit of everything—which is one of our strengths as a group.”

Krieg further explained that each dance will incorporate a different mix of styles, creating a unique and captivating performance.

Behind the mesmerizing dance moves and effortless smiles the group will surely display this Friday and Saturday, the women of DE commit an impressive amount of time and effort. Before joining DE, the members must have a background in a wide range of dancing styles—a background that usually requires a lifetime of dancing. Each member had to endure intense try-outs to make the team. Once selected, each member is required to dedicate around four hours every Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday to rehearsals.

Once the week of their big performance comes around, it seems every waking hour is spent on dance. “We practice every day,” explained Krieg, “usually at Robsham from around four until midnight every day of the week.”

Krieg commented that these long practices have brought the members of DE together. “We’re like a bunch of sisters. We spend so much time together that we’re like a family.”

While the schedule can be strenuous, having an outlet to dance on campus is worth the extra stress and time commitment for most of the members. “Most of the girls have been dancing since they were very little, and many competitively,” observed Krieg. “It has been such a big part of our lives that many of us couldn’t imagine stopping once we came to college.”

Dance Ensemble has always been an essential part of BC’s framework, allowing students to continue their passions in high school while connecting to the larger BC community.

Dance groups impress and entertain the campus. “I think dance is a really essential part of the Boston College community,” noted Krieg. “Just look at how many dance groups there are and the incredible variety. Everyone really enjoys watching them.”

Tickets for Dance Ensemble’s performance are currently on sale on the Robsham website.