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ALC Showdown Celebrates Dance, Diversity, and Inclusion

Just before 6:00 p.m. last night, anyone passing by Conte Forum would have seen a huge mass of students and families lining up all down Campanella Way. Was there a hockey game? Basketball? No, this crowd was waiting to get the very best seats for the 2017 ALC Showdown.

Showdown is hosted every year by the AHANA Leadership Council, an organization under UGBC “dedicated to improving the quality of life for all AHANA students at Boston College,” according to its mission statement. But Showdown is more than just a dance showcase; it's a competition that promotes diversity and inclusion through various dance groups on campus. Additionally, the winners of Showdown get to donate the event's proceeds to a charity of their choice.

Performers presented dance styles ranging from latin to hip-hop and Irish step to lyrical. Each group had a theme for its performance and incorporated different mashups of songs to go along with it.

Highlights from the show included Fuego del Corazon’s Quinceañera-themed dance, Sexual Chocolate’s warrior battle which promoted a message of equality, and DOBC’s Bachelor dance, featuring a group date and rose ceremony. There was also a special performance from Outlawz, a hip-hop dance group that came in third place on America’s Got Talent Season 11.


The show, lasting just under three hours, had the audience enthralled from start to finish. The variety of dance styles, the fun promotion videos, and the sheer talent of every group, all factored in, created an entertaining night for all. The camaraderie in the room among the different groups was also great to see: When they weren’t performing, the teams were up front by the stage, dancing and cheering on their fellow performers. Although it was a competition, each act brought something so unique that everyone, including the competitors, were in awe.

At the end of the show, the MCs announced that this year, there would be a special twist: audience members could text in a vote for their favorite group for the People's Choice award. Funnily enough, the award came out to a tie between BCID (Boston College Irish Dance) and Full Swing, both of whom performed Star Wars-inspired dances.

There were also the two usual separate award categories from the judges: Culture and Dance. In second place for Culture was PATU, which stands for "Presenting Africa To You," who performed an energetic dance centered around Cleopatra and women’s empowerment. In first place for Culture was AEROdynamiK, also known as AeroK, a Korean-inspired hip-hop group.

In the dance category, Synergy’s LIFE board game hip-hop routine earned the group second place. For the second year in a row, BCID took home first place for Dance—what many consider the show's biggest award. The tight-knit all-female team impressed judges and audience members alike with its complex formations, footwork, costumes, and storyline.

Showdown also awarded the Taiwanese Cultural Association and Black Student Forum as Culture Clubs of the Year for their hard work in promoting diversity and inclusion among the BC community. The evening was filled with community and school spirit and promoted a strong atmosphere of campus unity. Congratulations to all of the performers for an unforgettable night on the Heights.

Editor's Note: Taiwanese Student Association has been corrected to Taiwanese Cultural Association.

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