Emma Catranis / Gavel Media

Sanfilippo Appointed Campus Activities Board President

The Gavel sat down with the newly appointed president of the Campus Activities Board (CAB) for the 2017-2018 academic year, Eric Sanfilippo, MCAS ‘18.

CAB is the largest event programming organization on campus, with one of the largest budgets of any student organization.

CAB hosts small events such as Bingo Nights and Acoustic Brunch, as well as larger events such as Plexapalooza, Mudstock, and Frog Pond Ice Skating. Last year, CAB hosted over 100 events for the BC community.

Sanfilippo, a Biology major with a minor in French, has been a part of CAB since he was a freshman.

“In the beginning of freshman year, I was looking for a way to get involved on campus. In mid-October, I found a quarter sheet from the activity fair in my desk and I thought it was too late,” Sanfilippo recalled. “I emailed to see if I could join. Luckily, they let me join and by the next week I was working an event for them! I didn’t realize it was CAB’s first year on campus, so it allowed me to participate right away.”

CAB is made up of three event programming sections, including Live Entertainment, Trips and Excursions, and Campus Engagement.

Live Entertainment handles on-campus talent presentations, such as concerts and magic shows. Trips and Excursions plans for BC students to travel to various locations in Boston and beyond at reduced costs, such as Six Flags or Broadway plays. Campus Engagement plans for a variety of unique on-campus interactive events, such as Bingo, Massters in the Mods, and the Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony.

There are also non-event planning teams for Operations, Finance, and Marketing.

Sanfilippo started as a general member of Trips and Excursions during his freshman year. He became assistant director of Trips and Excursions as a sophomore and is currently the director of the department.

“It has been very beneficial to see the department from all different levels,” said Sanfilippo. “T&E puts on a lot of great and unique events, and I’ve loved being a part of it every step of the way.”

Despite the organization's size and mass number of events, it has only been around in its current form for three years.

Sanfilippo believes that in only this short time the organization has made great strides and will continue to improve with time.

“A lot of people on campus don’t realize that CAB is only in its third year of existence,” said Sanfilippo. “CAB has created such a huge name for itself in a short amount of time. Last year—our second year—we put on 100 events and had a total attendance of 20,000, reaching 6,500 unique students. This year, we are already at 17,500 total attendance.”

Sanfilippo continued, “With each year, CAB has created new ‘traditions’ such as Stokes Set concert in the fall and the trip to Frog Pond right before winter break. Next year, we are looking forward to strengthening our Mentorship Programming Team, or MPT program, for incoming freshman students. We hope to expand a general personal leadership aspect in addition to an introduction to programming.”

CAB was derived from previous event programming organizations. BC to Boston, which had the functions of what is now Trips and Excursions, and Campus Entertainment, were departments of UGBC. Nights on the Heights was another programming group specifically designed to entertain students on the weekends as an alternative to drinking.

These organizations began CAB traditions such as Pub Series and Homecoming.

UGBC separated from its programming bodies and the Campus Activities Board was formed in 2014 to manage events.

Unlike many other student organizations, which are generally approved and funded through UGBC and the Student Organization Funding Committee, CAB is overseen directly by the Office of Student Involvement.

Sanfilippo has been a part of the organization since its inception and has enjoyed all of the time he has spent with it so far.

“I love the CAB family I have here. People are so dedicated and excited to create and run events, so their enthusiasm has always motivated me,” said Sanfilippo. “Everyone in CAB is a volunteer, so the entire organization is run because our members enjoy being part of the organization. In addition, I love seeing people enjoy themselves at our events, and the feedback always reminds me why I do what I do.”

When asked about his favorite CAB events, Sanfilippo had trouble deciding which one he enjoyed the most.

“It’s so hard to pick just one! For our smaller events, I’m a huge fan of trivia night,” said Sanfilippo. “[Of] our larger events, I love ice skating at Frog Pond; I love seeing the Commons strung with Christmas lights, and I always need a study break during finals.”

Sanfilippo and the rest of the new executive board still have some time before they fully assume their new positions. Their summers will be spent planning next year's early large events, including Homecoming, Stokes Set, and many more.