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Getting Sweet n' Nasty With Boston's Most Unconventional Bakery

Forget all preconceived notions that cookies, cakes, and pastries are strictly for children. Sweet n' Nasty, New England's oldest X-rated bakery, has been making sexually explicit cakes, cupcakes, and chocolates for over 30 years. A mere 10-minute walk from Fenway Park, the shop creates baked goods with shapes and designs geared specifically towards the carnal and erotic.

I ventured over to Massachusetts Ave. to see these specialty cakes and chocolates for myself and to speak with the owner and proprietor, Niki Novak.

"We have everything you'll need for birthdays, anniversaries, bachelor or bachelorette parties, divorces, holidays, breast augmentations, coming out parties, or no occasion at all," she explained, enthusiastically answering my curiosity about the kinds of events Sweet n' Nasty caters to. Novak also shared with me the difficulties of maintaining the store location of a naughty bakery when Sweet n' Nasty first opened.

"Nobody wanted to be near an erotic bakery," she said, referring to other store owners. "Even if they shopped there, they probably didn't want their clients walking by a dirty bakery."

Novak took me on a quick tour of the shop, which boasts a seemingly infinite variety of baked goods as well as novelty merchandise including, but by no means limited to X-rated greeting cards, bachelor and bachelorette party paraphernalia, coffee mugs, party hats, and silly string.

She also shared a glimpse of the Sweet n' Nasty cake book, a catalog of sexually graphic cake designs for customers to choose from.

"These are just some of our best-selling designs," Novak explained to me. "Everything is customized to your specifications, so customers shouldn't be afraid to let their imaginations run wild."

Sweet n' Nasty is located at 90 Massachusetts Ave. in Boston. Check out the bakery's website to submit an order or peruse its extensive collection.