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The Gavel's Guide to This Spring's Binge-Worthiest Television

April showers bring May flowers, so what better way to spend those rainy days than binge-watching a new TV series on Netflix? More TV shows are making their way into the New Arrivals category as Netflix spring cleans its old inventory. The fresh influx of TV programs range from original shows to recurring series, providing a wide variety of content for viewers to choose from. Thus, here is a list of Netflix suggestions that are sure to alleviate any rainy day blues:        

  1. 1. Black Mirror
  2. Number of Seasons Available: 3
  3. This British sci-fi series has received positive buzz from viewers and critics alike, engaging audiences with its sharp storylines and haunting exploration of the relationship between humans and technology.
  4. 2. Better Call Saul
  5. Number of Seasons Available: 2
  6. A prequel to the highly-acclaimed Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul gives viewers a glimpse into the life of struggling small-town lawyer Jimmy McGill before he became known as Saul Goodman, the cutthroat attorney for Walter White. What may seem to drag in the beginning is compensated by smart dialogue and compelling characters.
  7. 3. 13 Reasons Why
  8. Number of Seasons Available: 1
  9. Based on the young adult novel by Jay Asher, this Netflix original revolves around the mysterious cause of a teenager’s suicide and a box containing the clues for her death that ends up in the hands of a classmate. Although slightly contrived at times, this show is doused in suspense and entertainment.
  10. 4. Documentary Now!
  11. Number of Seasons Available: 2
  12. Former SNL tag-team Bill Hader and Fred Armisen reconvene for this eccentric mockumentary series. The humor derives mostly from the fact that the show parodies documentaries and is accentuated by its deadpan style. Hader and Armisen act as comedy chameleons as they impersonate various quirky characters in this hilarious off-beat series.
  13. 5. Dave Chapelle
  14. Number of Seasons Available: 1
  15. Dave Chapelle is back in the limelight with hour-long episodes of his new Netflix comedy special. Chapelle casually converses with the audience, telling personal anecdotes and then swiftly delivering the punchline. He peruses issues of race, politics, and pop culture taking a fresh spin on old topics. Candid, raunchy, and seemingly  carefree, Chapelle makes a major comeback with this Netflix original.

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