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Kristen Morse / Gavel Media

Summer Break: Should I Stay or Should I Go?

As Gasson’s multifaceted tower reflects the golden sun well into the evening hours, and Boston College’s sprawling campus appears to have become greener overnight, students are itching with the onset of summer. School work is well-managed until finals, and Marathon Monday has left everyone with that pre-summer sun-kiss. As the month of May approaches, some will be forced out of their Mod door frames, while others have already booked flights home.

There are those who are counting down the days until their last final. Whether drowning in roommate drama or theology readings, these students are keeping their heads afloat until their cravings for home and relaxation are satisfied. Then, there are those who refuse to spend their summer days away from campus. To them, Beantown is the best town, and being away from Boston for three months would come with a serious case of FOMO. There are several advantages and disadvantages that come with residing in Boston or on campus during summer break, and it is best to consider both sides before making a final decision.

Beginning with the drawbacks, staying on campus means spending three additional months away from home friends and family members, which can present challenges in maintaining long distance relationships. As dorm rooms steadily clear out, campus becomes a bit of a ghost town (cue the rolling tumbleweed). There are no football games or student involvement fairs to populate campus in mid-July. The few signs of life include the sounds of Edmonds construction and the T screeching to its final B Line stop. You don’t have the luxury of having the same hometown summer job lined up, and paying rent in Boston can be pretty pricey. Home cooked meals and quality time with the family pet are pleasures that you would have to pass up. Whether in the city or on campus, you may want to think twice about getting trapped with the heat in the BC bubble.

Aside from the downfalls, there are several benefits to staying in Boston during the summer months. With the academic year’s end filtering out the majority of the student population, you have more of an opportunity to meet new people amongst the remaining summer residents. Not to mention that campus reaches the ultimate seasonal aesthetic during the summer. The grass is at its greenest and the floral BC emblems are in full bloom. Additionally, living on campus comes with great amenities, like access to the Plex. While staying at BC during summer break, you have the option to take classes through Boston College Summer Sessions. This opportunity would afford you the chance to explore new interests, accelerate your progress, or work to stay on track towards graduation.

In addition to BC’s summer employment opportunities, like orientation leadership, there is an abundance of internships in the greater Boston area in all fields of interest and occupation. Boston comes to life with exciting events during the summer months. From farmers markets in Copley Square to concerts at the House of Blues, the city has an incredible lineup to offer. You can even host friends from home for a city getaway. Take them to your favorite bars, catch a Red Sox game, or take a stroll down Newbury Street. Moreover, staying in Boston means no parental guidance (we’ll let that one speak for itself).

Whether you decide to stay in Boston or retreat to your hometown for some much needed relaxation, make the best of the three months free from academia. But until then, it’s grind time, Eagles.