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Photo courtesy of Asinine Sketch and Improv Comedy / Facebook

Asinine Show Exhibits Witty Humor and Sentimental Goodbyes

An eager crowd of students and families quickly filled up the seats of a modest-sized lecture hall in Fulton on Saturday night. No, they were not here for a lecture on marketing strategies or operations management, but rather for a night of comedic escape, and to bid adieu to the seniors of Boston College’s popular sketch and improv group, Asinine.  

As people mingled and music blasted (a tasteful balance of classic throwbacks and current hits) members of BC’s other improv group, My Mother’s Fleabag, hugged and encouraged their friends who were about to take the stage. The group sat in the first row, snapping and cheering for their comedic counterparts.

The night started off with a video introducing the members of Asinine in a sketch centered around each member dealing with an imminent meteor threat (this included singing to "A Thousand Miles" in the car, killing the Asinine president, and failed attempts of prayer). One scene referenced Harambe, and another displayed the evils of the DMV. Asinine hit every beat with their wit and humor.

One particularly striking sketch mimicked Disney Channel shows and portrayed the dilemma of a young teen girl president choosing who to go to prom with—her dreamy high school crush, Chad, or the son of the Russian ambassador, Vladimir.

Clever and fresh, Asinine’s sketches elicited well-deserved laughs and snaps from the audience. However, it was their parody of Grease in the final sketch that brought the house down. The T-Birds and Pink Ladies sang "Summer Nights," but with an Asinine twist, involving a hypersexual Frenchie and Smurf-obsessed Doody (strange, but it makes for great comedy). The costumes, accents, and comedic timing all created an absurd yet entertaining Grease alternative.

The audience hooted and hollered throughout the night. Asinine performers delivered a mix of well-executed sketches and hilarious improv that cued laughter from everyone. However, what made the night so special was not merely the jokes and antics—it was the energy of their performance and the support from their fellow Fleabaggers.

The more Fleabaggers cheered and whistled, the more energy the Asininers exuded. Every time the lights switched off and the transition music played, silhouettes of Fleabaggers dancing in the dark appeared. Anytime an Asininer needed inspiration for an improv scene, the Fleabaggers were waving their hands and shouting names before the crowd even knew what was happening. At the conclusion of the show, people swarmed the stage to hug the Asinine members and congratulate the seniors, but the Fleabaggers were the first to leap from their seats.

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