Photo courtesy of Phenom V / Facebook

Off the Record: Phenom V

“I hope my music gives the impression that real artistic music still holds value. Making music isn't a hobby, it’s my life. I eat because of my music. I craft everything so delicately with so much passion.”

Phenom V, the Massachusetts born BC rapper, performed before myself and two other Gavel staffers with incredible energy and passion. We might as well have been at a sold-out concert venue.

Before taking to the microphone, Phenom V let us know that he particularly enjoys the music of Drake and sees it as an influence on his style. This certainly showed. The rapper’s smooth vocals, along with his catchy and unhurried beats, brought to mind the global superstar. Moreover, Phenom V creates and performs his original songs mostly by ear; he doesn’t much care for standard musical notation.

In his short career, Phenom V, along with his music group XtremeSoundz, has played some notable shows. “I think the most memorable show so far was opening for Cassidy in August 2016. That was one of my break-out performances. I have other shows that I will never forget as well though, such as, two performances at Fanueil Hall, opening for Kid N' Play at the Strand Theatre in Boston, performing at the Hard Rock Cafe in Boston, and many others.”

The rapper also expressed high ambitions. “I want to win Grammy’s, VMA's, BET awards, everything. I want people to say ‘Phenom V is my favorite artist.’ I want to be able to go on tours with XtremeSoundz and put on shows all over the world. I truly believe I have everything it takes to be elite.”

Finally, the rapper gave us a peak behind his stage name. "The 'Phenom V' persona was born from my social studies teacher in seventh grade, who wrote 'phenomenal' on all my school work along with my grade. She would always refer to me as a Phenom amongst my peers, and that stuck with me. Phenom was too plain of an alias though, and I always used to creatively incorporate lines in my raps where I would refer to myself as Phenom V and give a word that V was representative of like "versatile," "validated," or "victorious" in order to describe myself. The 'V' eventually just stuck in the name to make it more original."

Phenom V recently released the single “Wine,” and his music is available on Spotify and iTunes. He expects to be performing in the Boston area this summer.