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Style Guide: Finals Fashion Edition

All-nighters in O’Neill, tear-stained study guides, and free coffee—finals season is upon us all at Boston College. With exams to study for and 20-page papers to write, students not only sacrifice their sleep, but they also sacrifice their sense of style. Crisply ironed khakis and brightly colored skirts are traded in for comfy sweatpants and flannel everything. With deadlines approaching and GPAs on the line, the old adage “dress well, test well” registers a new meaning at BC. Read below about some signature test-taking ensembles that can be spotted around campus.

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  1. Athleisure at Leisure

It’s no secret that BC students like to dress up for classes, but hours spent hunched over studying calls for a more relaxed version of dressing up. The recent trend “athleisure” (casual athletic wear that can be worn as everyday attire) is a popular style that portrays some sense of having one’s life together. It's the perfect transition outfit from comfortably studying in O’Neill to working out at the Plex. (But really, who has time to work out during finals?)

  1. The Classic All-Nighter Look

While you try to figure out which Polo shirt matches your socks, study cubicles in Bapst are quickly filling up. Time spent putting on real clothes is time wasted, so roll out of bed and head straight to the library. Pro tip: Bring a pillow to sleep on at night so that you don’t have to give up your coveted study spot.

  1. The Groutfit

Simple. Elegant. Chic. The gray outfit, cleverly dubbed the "groutfit," is a monochromatic expression of the gray gloom that pervades campus during finals week. Not as severe as black yet not as optimistic as vivid spring patterns, the groutfit usually appears toward the end of finals week when almost any initial sense of hope has slowly vanished.

  1. Hoodsie

No, not the classic New England ice-cream cup. Hoods and hats are the perfect option for hiding messy day-old hair and freshly streamed tears. Put your thinking cap on (literally), log off Facebook, and finally crack open the book you haven’t touched all semester.

  1.  Flannel on Flannel on More Flannel

To say that BC students love flannel would be an understatement. The library can get a bit drafty so flannels are sure to keep students cozy while reading about Plato’s cardinal virtues. Although you may feel like you’ll fail your exam, flannel will never fail you. Follow Plato’s call for courage and claim a spot on the fourth floor of O’Neill—the quiet zone.

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