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Diatribe: The BC Look Away

You're walking down the Million Dollar Stairs (at least you aren’t walking up). As you look up from texting your friend about tonight’s plans, you see that guy from that thing you went to that one time. A sweat breaks out on your forehead. Your heart begins to beat a little faster. Not in a fluttery crush way, but in a GTG kind of way. You immediately look back down at your phone to avoid eye contact until he passes. That is the BC Look Away. 

The BC Look Away happens when a person avoids another student on campus by avoiding eye contact; some may not have heard of it, but you've probably done it. This BC trend might happen for any of the following reasons: you're in a bad mood, you hooked up with that student's best friend's roommate last weekend, or you're just unsure whether meeting a person one time at an event qualifies a "hello," a head nod, or a "sup." So, you just avoid eye contact and focus on something else. Hey, look at Gasson over there. Wow! What a building! No eye contact. No need to acknowledge someone. Problem solved.

I have heard a lot about the BC Look Away, seen it in action many times, and even done it. In theory, it is a cop-out for facing past experiences or avoiding suffering through an awkward encounter. In practice, it comes completely naturally. I cannot advise anyone to stop the BC Look Away because I know that I will continue to do it. Even if I told you to stop, would you?

My only advice is to ask yourself why you did the BC Look Away. If you made out with someone at the Mod on Saturday and aren’t in the mood to give a jolly hello, then who can blame you? But, if you met someone at a retreat (BC has retreats?!), is the BC Look Away necessary? After you look away once, you will always look away. And wouldn’t it be nice to have one more familiar face on campus?

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