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Finals Week as Told by Your Late Night Order

It’s the second week of May at Boston College—meaning, only naturally, that the St. Mary’s tulips are in full bloom, the rain showers are bringing blue skies and sunshine, and the precious lawns are getting re-sodded for what feels like the fourth time this year. On the outside, BC looks pretty damn good. It’s hard to argue with that.

On the inside, however, there’s a bit of a different story. Walk into O’Neill Library or try your hand at the cutthroat game of Stokes classroom hunting and you’ll begin to feel that unmistakable, palpable sense of impending doom: finals week at BC has begun. And with more all-nighters comes more meal plan money drained on meals at Late Night.

Whether you’re reading this article to procrastinate from your studies, rewarding yourself for actually studying, or are just looking for a Late Night snack that matches your finals week mental state, look no further. Ease up those brain cells for a minute or two, and do some good old-fashioned Jesuit reflection on your post-8 p.m. eating habits.

  • Chicken Fingers
    • Nothing to get some much-needed protein in your system like those crispy, ketchup-dunked chicken strips from the Late Night line. Chances are, the night is young and you’re still riding the caffeine high from your last cup of Equal Exchange French Roast—so needless to say you’re feeling pretty unstoppable. At this point, finals have nothing on you. Soak in the sanity while it lasts.
  • Mozzarella Sticks
    • The most tried and true of BC’s Late Night dining options, it’s likely that you’re looking to return to your roots as a first-semester freshman and re-experience that first ever round of mozz sticks. OK, so you’re nostalgic—maybe even a little emotional that the semester is coming to a close. Just let that lukewarm marinara sauce wash all your worries away.
  • French Fries/Onion Rings
    • Technically these count as vegetables, right? At least that’s what you tell yourself as you opt for both and trek back to your cubby in Bapst, only to become immediately overwhelmed by the amount of work that lies before you. You nibble on those fried goods as you revert to curating a new study playlist on Spotify. Slow and steady wins the race, after all. You got this.
  • Cereal
    • If you’re getting a bowl of Cap’n Crunch at midnight, chances are you’ve already thrown in the towel for the night. But hey, self-care is the best care! Take a nice hot shower and get some rest, while you’re at it, and in the morning you’ll be primed to take on whatever curveballs finals week has in store.
  • Bag of Doritos
    • Back to the library, you go. Nothing says “I have 10 pages left of my political science paper to write by tomorrow at 9 a.m.” like a grab-and-go bag of chips (and an optional additional coffee). It's a snack for the road as you head back out to O’Neill for the long haul. Best of luck to you.
  • Pasta and Meatballs
    • The only item on the Late Night menu that actually feels somewhat like a real and wholesome meal, it’s likely that finals have you homesick and eager to get back to the land of home-cooked dinners. Until then, though, better get back to that group project of yours.
  • Steak and Cheese Sub
    • You’re really good at finding the best ways to semi-productively procrastinate, and Late Night meals are no exception. With the time you’ll spend in the steak and cheese line at Lower, you definitely could have finished writing that outline you’ve been working on since noon. But hey, that chipotle mayo will all be worth it in the end.
  • A Banana
    • Maybe you’re too deep in your final philosophy paper to make time for the Plex, or maybe you’re just getting whatever food was grab-and-go ready so you could get back to that coveted Chocolate Bar table you somehow managed to snag. Either way, your body will thank you later when this energizing brain food hits your system.
  • Those “Perfectly Free” Frozen Things
    • Either you legitimately have food allergies or your mental state is just past the point of caring about normalcy in dining choices. If the latter holds true, make sure to keep us posted about whether or not you actually end up enjoying those somewhat-odd, salted caramel and cherry flavored squishy frozen treats.
  • Mac Attack/Snack Attack
    • OK, there’s a good chance that you’ve already begun your descent into full-on finals week delirium. With an array of foods as fried as your brain cells, this sampling platter boasting the finest Late Night has to offer is sure to be your comfort food savior. While the solace it provides from your studies may be fleeting, you are so close to the finish line! Solidarity, my friend.

My parents live in Mississippi, but I live in the moment. Texting in all lowercase letters is my aesthetic. I probably eat too many mozz sticks and listen to too much Drake.