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Summer Records That You Ought to Hear

Summer is easily the most anticipated season, inviting students to shed their parkas and backpacks and enjoy some much-needed relaxation. What better way to spend that newfound free time and enjoy the sunshine than with new music? Below are recommendations for three of The Gavel’s favorite new albums, bound to be the soundtracks to the last weeks of summer.

Bleachers, Gone Now

Jack Antonoff’s latest project, Bleachers, has released an epic sophomore album. Sonically cohesive, it traces a storyline of love, loss, and identity. Its innovative sounds and taut lyrics are both emotional and catchy. The songs are huge, perfect for stadium performances or festivals, and yet capture such precise emotions and experiences. Fighting against the notion of “singles,” the album develops and reworks itself. Each previous song provides context for the next, creating an unbelievably satisfying experience for the listener who chooses to journey with Antonoff through all 12 tracks.

Favorite tracks: Everybody Lost Somebody, Nothing Is U, Foreign Girls

Lorde, Melodrama

Lorde also released her sophomore album this summer, entitled Melodrama. The appropriately named record discusses all of the melodrama involved in one’s 20s. Painfully honest, Lorde brings all the innovation and spunk of her last album, but has clearly matured and is stretching herself as far as she musically can go. She captures the feeling of her age and generation precisely, pointing out all the flaws and hypocrisy in the ways we interact and feel. The album is weird, but it works.

Favorite tracks: Liability, Sober II (Melodrama), Perfect Places

Perfume Genius, No Shape

No Shape is a dreamy, alternative album perfect for sitting by the pool. However, it is certainly not background music. The flowy harmonies juxtapose tense beats, both soothing the listener and demanding his or her attention. The record flows from one track to the next, taking the listener to a techno–cloud land.

Favorite tracks: Just Like Love, Alan

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