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Kristen Morse / Gavel Media

BREAKING: BCGEU-UAW Wins Unionization Vote

BCGEU-UAW has won the right to represent the Boston College graduate employees as their official union. The decision was announced via the union's Facebook page, with 270 employees voting "yes" and 224 voting "no."

This decision means that BCGEU-UAW is certified by the National Labor Relations Board as the bargaining representative for all eligible graduate employees. Theology students are excluded due to a religious exemption that was decided in the original application process.

The vote represents a major victory for the union that has been campaigning for over two years. They will be able to bargain for cost of living adjusted pay and a variety of other benefits that will be cemented in a formal contract.

It is unlikely to be the end of the fight for the union. Other universities whose students have voted for unions, such as Yale, have filed appeals to overturn the decisions or engaged in other tactics to delay bargaining in the hopes that the Trump Administration will make adjustments to regulations involving student unions. Harvard had their election invalidated due to logistical errors in the voting process. Boston College is also very likely to take steps to avoid bargaining.


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