Photo courtesy of Sabrina Posadas

BC's Music Scene Extends Beyond the BC Bubble

Positioned so close to the vibrant city of Boston, BC students are lucky to have access to a robust music scene. Nearly all touring acts come through Boston, providing opportunities to see all of your favorite bands. However, even if the concert you wanted to see sells out, there are still great music options right here on campus.

BC’s Music Guild is a student-musician collective here on campus that unites various musicians on the heights. Every other Thursday, they host open mic nights around campus, featuring group and individual talent. Additionally, members of the Music Guild travel around Boston, playing live shows. Later in the year, they host a singer-songwriter competition and a battle of the bands, events that all types of musicians can participate in.

Recently, the Music Guild’s own Ryan Bradley MCAS, ‘18, Nicole Rodger MCAS, ‘19, and Katie Kelleher, CSOM ‘18 played a show at the Middle East Restaurant and Nightclub, opening for Griffin Robillard, MCAS ‘17 at his album release event.

Kelleher, the president of the BC Music Guild, also plays in a band riddled with BC alum known as Small Talk. A mere two weeks ago, her band headlined at the Middle East Downstairs.

Rodger, a junior and e-board member of the music guild, has played music around campus for the past two years alongside her good friend and music partner, Alex Moran, MCAS ‘19. The pair took home the second place prize at last year’s Sing it to the Heights competition.

Bradley, the co-vice president of the BC Music Guild, has been writing and producing music throughout his time at BC. Bradley invites various vocalists to accompany him on various stages around Boston and on campus. Rodger and Kelleher are the most recent addition to Bradley’s extensive list of collaborations.

Robillard graduated last Spring and set out to work in Cambridge while also continuing to pursue a career in music, lining up gigs around Boston and inviting other music acts akin to the trio of students who opened for him last Wednesday.

Bradley, Rodger, and Kelleher shared the stage with other local acts such as The Max Tribe, Mint Green, and Big Jon & the Mattress Factory. The eclectic mix of talent ranged from hard rock and eerie synth-pop to the americana folk sound characteristic Griffin Robillard & the Well Endowed. The variety of genres and styles made for a show that could appeal to a wide range of audiences.

While it is exciting going to big concerts for your favorite bands, it is also great to explore local talent right in your own backyard. Check out an open mic night or go to a BC concert and you might be surprised with how much talent you encounter.

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