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Kristen Morse / Gavel Media

Alcohol Sales at Alumni Stadium Kick-Off Without Incident

The new program selling alcohol at BC football games is off to a successful start, according to the university.

When asked about the success of the Wake Forest game, Jack Dunn, associate vice president at the Office of University Communications at BC, noted, “The first weekend of our pilot program to sell beer and wine in Alumni Stadium was very successful... and there were no reported incidents. We look forward to another successful experience this Saturday in our game against Notre Dame.”

Alcoholic beverages in the forms of beer and wine are now available at Boston College football games. This decision was announced back in August by Martin Jarmond, BC’s new athletic director.

Jarmond was previously the associate athletic director at Ohio State University, which introduced alcohol sales during their 2016 football season. This initiative was extremely successful at OSU, where the university’s athletic department reported beer sales alone surpassing $1.1 million by December of last year, according to CBS Sports.

Along with the obvious financial benefit of introducing alcohol at college football games, many schools are also hoping that making alcohol legally accessible to those of drinking age will decrease the number of alcohol-related incidents at games.

As for any ensuing security concerns, Jarmond told the Boston Globe this summer, “We want to do this in a safe environment for our fans... So we had to engage with a couple of companies and personnel to beef up our security just to make sure that we provide, first and foremost, a safe environment.”

Jarmond said that this decision was reached collectively, with the input of donors, alumni, student-athletes, and members of BC’s Fan Council. BC will join over 40 schools in this new endeavor. 

The Eagle community will be watching this new initiative closely, as fans grow accustomed to the presence of beer and wine at BC football games throughout the season.