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Diatribe: The Worst Part of Climate Change

Ah, fall: the season of crisp leaves crunching underfoot, of the long-awaited pumpkin spice lattes (make that pumpkin spice everything), of good times spent apple picking with friends, of bundling up in preparation for evenings growing chilly—uh, wait. Maybe scratch that last one.

I know I’m not alone in my frustration that this fall hasn’t exactly been the quintessential autumnal experience in regards to the weather. While the “official” first day of fall occurred in late September, over the past month or so we’ve only had enough legitimately brisk days to count on one hand, and temperatures are just now finally beginning a painstakingly slow decline into the 60s. All too often I’ve decided to opt for a light jacket and found myself almost immediately breaking a sweat while trekking across campus, anxiously scoping out the outfits of those around me while trying to determine if I should shed the offending garment. On the daily I mourn the many cozy sweaters and scarves peeking temptingly from my closet, imagining wistfully a day where I could bundle up in all my cold-weather trappings, adorned with appealingly windswept hair and a hot drink from the Chocolate Bar, and it wouldn’t feel just wrong. Where do we draw the line between decking out in typical autumn attire for aesthetic’s sake, and considering our own thermal comfort? This is undoubtedly among the most pressing issues we must struggle with every day, and one that I, among many others, feel personally entitled to complain about at every possible opportunity.

But hey—climate change is totally a myth, right? It’s not like these record-setting high temperatures are abnormal or anything. There’s no need to be alarmed by the fact that the environment seems to be actively self-destructing via unbelievably disastrous storms, droughts, and wildfires as we look on helplessly. In times like these, the best we can do is keep our heads up and take another sip of that pumpkin spice latte and try to ignore the perspiration building up underneath that cute knitted cardigan. It’ll be winter soon enough, right?

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