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Last Minute Halloween Costume Guide

Did you wait until the last minute for your halloween costume? Are you brain dead from midterm season and don't have time to brainstorm? Not to worry, The Gavel has your back. We’ve come up with a list of simple and easy last minute Halloween costumes ideas. Below is a collection of ideas all of which you likely already have the accessories for!


A Halloween classic, all this costume really requires is a white bed sheet and scissors to cut two holes for your eyes. You probably already have this on hand and it’s easy enough to order another one to use for your bed after Halloween is over.


Your roommates may hate you for using all of the toilet paper, but this is another case where you can steal what you need now and just replace it later. Grab a friend or two, hold onto one end of the toilet paper while they hold the roll, and spin around to completely wrap yourself. Voila! (Then just hope it doesn’t rain).


Zombies are a great idea for a costume because you can dress literally however you want. Whether you want to be a zombie nurse or just a zombie college student in sweatpants, just add some rips to your clothes and liberally apply fake blood all over.


Want to use fake blood for your costume without ruining an outfit? Try being a vampire! Dress in dark colors with highlights of red or purple and try to cover as much skin as possible. Dust over the remaining visible skin with a white powder to look deathly pale. If you want to look even more like a corpse, you can easily use a darker tones of eyeshadow underneath your eyes and just under your cheekbones to emphasize the appearance of a sunken face. Finally, top the ensemble off with some blood around your lips and two dots dripping down your neck to look like you’ve been bitten.

Black Cat

Another classic, all you need to pull off this look is a black outfit and some cat ears. If you don’t have any cat ears, they’re super easy to DIY. Just grab any old black headband you have and attach two triangles of black construction paper on either side, or use two black pipe cleaners bent into triangles instead. Sell this look by going all out with your makeup, using eyeliner to draw a little cat nose and whiskers!


Just like the black cat, this costume also only really requires a simple DIY headband with ears attached. Using white instead of black this time, you can use either pipe cleaners or construction paper to create the ears. Then, just dress in all white and add any details with makeup. A tail made from cotton balls really completes the look!


If you’re a girl, you probably have a few nice dresses in your closet. Put it on and doll yourself up with makeup and accessories to be a princess. A cute tiara or small crown made from construction paper is just enough to call this costume complete.

Leahy & BC Grass

Grab a two friends, two green bodysuits, and a priest-like robe and dress up as Father Leahy and his beloved BC Grass. While it is unlikely that Leahy himself will be seen frolicking through the mods this Halloweekend, you’ll have heads turning in response to the shock of actually seeing Leahy on campus.

Regardless of who or what you dress up as for Halloween this year, what really matters is that you have a spooky fun time. Don’t stress too much about the costume, and focus on hanging out with friends and celebrating the end of midterm season.

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