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Playlist: Spooky Songs for Halloween

It’s everybody’s favorite time of the year. The season of last minute costumes, nostalgia at not being able to get free candy anymore, and Sunday remorse when the realization that no work has been done due to various Halloweekend festivities. In the spirit of Halloween, The Gavel is bringing you our carefully chosen playlist to meet all your spooky needs. It is time to embrace those Sunday scaries and get spooky.

1. Monster Mash: Is this song overplayed because it might be the only real Halloween song? Yes. Do we still love it? Yes. It’s an essential for any Halloween party.

2. Somebody’s Watching Me: Creepy and eerie, perfect for Halloween.

3. Psycho Killer: While the song sounds upbeat and fun, the sinister look into a killer’s mind makes it a good addition to a Halloween mood soundtrack.

4. This is Halloween: Straight out of Nightmare Before Christmas, sung by a town full of monsters, it doesn’t get much more Halloween than this.

5. The Devil Went Down to Georgia: This song is more fun than scary, but good to get people moving.

6. Thriller: Michael Jackson turns into a werewolf. Enough said.

7. Monster: Any excuse to put Kanye on a playlist is always good, and this song has Monster as the title so it works.

8. Ghost Busters: Who you gonna call?

9. Murder Was The Case: Snoop Dog going to hell and making a deal with the devil is either really scary or really funny, you can pick.