Photo courtesy of Heightsmen of Boston College / Facebook

The Heightsmen Fall Cafe Takes A Cappella to New Heights

On Friday night, Boston College’s all-male a cappella group, The Heightsmen, put on an unforgettable performance in Devlin 008. The lecture hall was packed beyond capacity, with hoards of students and families so large that attendees were forced to line the stairs and sit on the floor. Despite the lack of elbow room, no one in the crowd seemed to be bothered by the slightly uncomfortable seating arrangement. The sheer size of the crowd exemplified the type of show the BC community has come to expect from The Heightsmen and luckily, the performers did not disappoint.

The show started with a spotlight performance from each member as they sang melodies from several classic songs from the '80s. One of the highlights of the show was when Mike Mastellone, CSOM '18, the group’s music director, called his mom down to the front of the room and sang “My Girl” to her.

Following the first set, the crowd was treated to the infamous “Heightsmen Dance,” in which new members of the group perform a hip hop dance. This year, the quartet of newbies danced their hearts out to a medley of Britney Spears songs. While the moves weren't perfect, the sheer amount of choreography executed was impressive to say the least.

Next, The Heightsmen performed another set, relying mostly on a cappella classics, such as “Hello Mary Lou,” “Moondance,” and “Uptown Girl.” They also threw in more modern songs including “Beautiful Girls” and “Whatcha Say.” All of the soloists in this set were undeniably impressive, but the background vocals acting as instruments truly stood out, especially during the classic a cappella tunes.

The second set was followed by a performance from everybody’s favorite all-male step group, Sexual Chocolate. The men of SC donned black tank tops with “Equality” emblazoned on the front, highlighting their message of brotherhood in the wake of racism and inequality on campus. The interlude to the Heightsmen show was a quintessential Sexual Chocolate performance—a step dance performed in the context of a skit. Friday's skit centered on a BC Professor teaching his unprepared students the history of step dance.

Sexual Chocolate’s performance was followed up by one last set from the Heightsmen which included country music and some more traditional a cappella songs. The night concluded with the group inviting Heightsmen alumni from the crowd to the stage to partake in a rendition of “Good Ole A Cappella.” A surprising number of alumni happened to be in the crowd, including one of the group’s founding members, who had originally crooned and swayed to a cappella c. 1990. 

Overall, The Heightsmen and their special guests from Sexual Chocolate put on a fantastically entertaining show, just as every person who piled into Devlin 008 on Friday night knew they would.