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The Gavel's Guide to Ugly Christmas Sweaters

With the dark cloud of finals season looming over campus, there’s nothing like a little holiday cheer to lift students’ spirits. Escape from the dungeons of Bapst for a jolly night out donning one of these truly hideous holiday sweaters. Or, wrap one up as a gift at a Yankee swap.

  1. For Stranger Things Fans

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What better way to celebrate the season three renewal of the hit Netflix show than to cozy up in a Stranger Things sweater? Decked out in the show’s infamous string lights motif and an ‘upside down’ Christmas logo, this sweater is the perfect gift for fans of the spooky show.

  1. For Witches and Wizards

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How many times has BC’s campus been compared to the enchanted castle of Hogwarts? Impress all your muggle friends with this magical Christmas sweater. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with a secret spell to pass final exams.

  1. For Cat Lovers

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The next time a cat vs. dog debate breaks out in the middle of a party, simply show off your cool cat sweater and walk away. This snug pullover will express your festiveness while staying true to your pet preference.

  1. For Punny People

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Colorful LED lights, traditional Christmas colors, and contemporary puns—this sweater is a must for those who like classic with a twist.

  1. For Those Who Don’t Celebrate Christmas

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Don’t celebrate Christmas? No problem. Ditch the Santa Clause sweater and rock one of these equally horrendous knitwears. Remember—the uglier the better.

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