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Lynch School of Education Announces the End of Honors Program

The Lynch School of Education has decided to phase out its Honors Program. The announcement was made in a letter to students sent by administrators on Wednesday.

The Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences announced it would end its Honors Program in October. The Carroll School of Management followed suit, announcing the decision to end its program earlier this week.

The letter stated that the high selectivity and challenging academics of the school made the program unnecessary.

"The needs that led to the original creation of the Lynch Honors Program, as with other Honors Programs at Boston College, no longer exist," the letter read.

"The decision announcement here reflects our conviction that, in many ways, the Lynch School of 2017 is closer to our vision of academic excellence coupled with practical engagements to increase justice and the common good."

LSOE intends for the class of 2021 to be the final cohort of students admitted to the program, and it will end with their graduation.

The Alpha and Omega Honor Society has served as the official Honors Program of LSOE since 1956. The curriculum includes courses that cover humanities, and the natural and social science core requirements, as well as applied work in undergraduate research. Like other Honors Programs, it culminates in a senior thesis.