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BC Falls to Northeastern

Conte Forum was off to an exciting start to the day with men’s basketball upsetting No.1 Duke.

But after the court was converted to an ice rink just a few hours later, men’s hockey was unable to capitalize on the day's momentum, falling to Northeastern, 5-2.

No.15 BC was unable to match the competitive power play activity of the No.10 Huskies. Despite two goals by Michael Kim and Christopher Brown in the second period to cut the five goal deficit to three, BC could not bounce back from an early Northeastern lead. Head coach Jerry York saw some momentum in his team after its two goals, but felt the Eagles never got the spark they needed to overcome Northeastern’s control of the game.

“I thought we had some unbelievable chances to make it a 5-3 game,” said York, hinting at some optimism. “Northeastern, their power play is excellent. We put them on their power play four times in the first period…They played very well.”

An energetic start from the Huskies and the numerous power play opportunities BC gave them in the first contributed to the loss. All three of Northeastern’s goals scored in the first period were on power plays. Although the Huskies’ first shot on goal didn’t come until almost eight minutes in, Northeastern ended up taking nine shots on goal in the first period, as opposed to the Eagles’ three.

“Very difficult start for us, putting Northeastern in the power play that many times the first period,” started Coach York. “They went 3 for 4 and it got us really behind the eight ball.”

BC started to show some signs of life in the second period, taking 19 shots on goal and finding the net twice. However, the team could not seem to get in a solid groove in the third period, seemingly missing the push they had at the end of the second.

“Even when it got to be five to nothing, I felt a good comeback coming,” said Coach York, displaying his confidence in the team. “We got it to 5-2. I thought the last two minutes of the second period were pivotal, and we just couldn’t quite turn the red light on.”

Northeastern flashed its strength early on, scoring four goals between the first period and the beginning of the second. As a result, the Eagles’ star goalie Joe Woll was pulled from the game and replaced by Ryan Edquist.

Edquist performed well in goal, letting in only one goal and protecting the net with a number of great saves, including a stellar one-on-one stop against Northeastern’s Jeremy Davies in the third period.

“It just seemed like [Joe] was fighting the puck a little bit,” said Coach York. “That, you can’t fix. Some of them were screens and I just thought we needed a boost. I don’t think Joe looked as comfortable as he’s been in some games.”

The Eagles continue the second half of the season on December 30 at home versus UConn.

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