Photo Courtesy of Boston College Women's Center

'Preparing for the Journey' Event Seeks to Improve BC Female Networking

On Tuesday, February 6, the Council for Women of Boston College (CWBC) is hosting a premier networking event for Boston College women to learn more about business etiquette and goal setting for personal and professional success. This year, the event has a special guest, Rosanne Thomas, who is a networking expert, accomplished speaker, and president of Protocol Advisors in Boston.

The event is part of The CWBC’s Journey Series. The series is composed of specific programming and events for both current BC students and alumni. The Preparing for the Journey event on February 6 is a career-focused program that is designed to reach all BC women, regardless of what school they are enrolled in. From Thomas’s presentation at the event, students will learn the importance of making a good first impression, the value of nonverbal communication, and networking tips. Other accomplished alumnae will also help in directing the networking event.

Beyond the Preparing for the Journey event, the series also offers programs for alumnae, which feature thought-provoking career, educational, and self-discovery discussions and networking opportunities. “The response to [the] event is always fantastic!” writes Kathleen McGillycuddy, chair for the CWBC. “Last year, over 100 students and alumnae attended the event.” McGillycuddy has been a member of the CWBC since its founding in 2002 and has been a part of many of the events that they hold annually.

The Council for Women of Boston College was established in 2002 to provide BC alumnae with a unique connection to the University. The CWBC fosters an environment to help women create professional and personal enrichment opportunities, support the Alumni Association initiative, and mentor female undergraduates to eventually become successful and enriched alumnae.

What makes CWBC so distinct is that, beyond hosting events for women on campus, the organization focuses its work on creating meaningful programming to create and foster relationships with female undergraduate students. Such programs include the annual CWBC Colloquium on women’s leadership, the BC Connections Mentoring program, and the CWBC Preparing for the Journey event, which is on the evening of February 6.

McGillycuddy’s future goals for CWBC are to “continue to strive to reach more students and engage more alumnae to come back to BC and support our students.”

The Preparing for the Journey event will be enriching, encouraging, and interactive; all students are welcome!

To register for the event please click here.

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