Ellen Gerst / Gavel Media

The Gavel's 2018 Super Bowl Predictions

On Sunday, Feb. 4, the Philadelphia Eagles square off against the Patriots on the biggest stage in sports. The Patriots, led by incumbent leader Tom Brady, are looking to pick up their sixth Super Bowl ring while the Eagles are chasing their very first one behind backup QB Nick Foles. Will the Eagles avenge their 2005 loss to the Patriots in Super Bowl XXXIX? Or will the Brady bunch roll over yet another victim?

Sydney Woolf: As a Giants fan, for the love of God, please don’t make me pick. Either way I won’t be happy (even though Eli Manning will forever be Tom Brady’s Achilles heel). I think the Eagles will give the Patriots a run for their money, but the Pats will ultimately prevail. Whoop-dee-doo. Honestly, I would rather the Pats blowout the Eagles so they don’t have some “great comeback story” like last year.

SW: Patriots 35-17

Emma Thornton: This year’s Super Bowl Sunday brings us into uncharted territory, but not just because of the Pats’ dynasty. The matchup is between two teams who have not only not faced each other in the regular season but who have not even played each other since Dec. 2015 (when the Eagles shocked the Pats at Gillette, 35-28). The defensive line of players like Fletcher Cox, Timmy Jernigan, and Brandon Graham will be the key to the Birds’ victory—rushing the passer and forcing Tom Brady off of his spot. Brady always manages to show up best when it counts most, but the team that’s been labeled the underdog all postseason welcomes that challenge. Go Birds!

ET: Eagles 28-24

Henry Pawelczyk: While the Patriots are far from my favorite team (32nd to be exact), I have to respect their dominant dynasty.  I think the Patriots will win, and win easily.  Simply, a recipe that gives Belichick two weeks to prepare for a team lead by a back-up quarterback in Nick Foles will not fair well for the Eagles. In the end, I see the Patriots more than covering the meager spread of -4 and slaughtering the Eagles.

HP: Patriots 45-13

Patrick Carpenter: Let me begin by saying that I am not a native New Englander. And while I’d be happy for all of my Patriot-fan friends if the Patriots win, the fact of the matter is that the Brady-Belichick dynasty (and its fans) can get a little tiring. An Eagles win in this Super Bowl might signal the end of Brady’s reign over the NFL. That being said, it’s just so hard to bet against him in a game like this. Even though the Eagles have the league’s best run defense, Brady will find a way to move the ball. The Eagles will keep it close, even without Carson Wentz, but Brady will make sure the Pats end up on top of this one.

PC: Patriots 34-24

Ellen Gerst: If the Pats win on Sunday, I don’t think I can ever watch football again. I’m going to be optimistic and say that the Eagles will fight off a classic late Patriots surge to win their first Super Bowl by one field goal. As long as the Eagles’ defense doesn’t get tired, I’ll make the bold prediction that Nick Foles ends with more passing yards than Tom Brady because its been forty years and something’s gotta give, right?

EG: Eagles 31-28