Photo Courtesy of SASA / Facebook

SASA Culture Show Wows for the 21st Year

This past Saturday, SASA’s annual culture show brought together students from all years and cultures through dance and Dostana, the Hindi word for friendship. Each year, SASA chooses an overarching theme to incorporate into dances, videotaped skits, and dance transitions.

The emcee, Ameet Kallarackel, CSOM ‘18, spoke of traditions of friendship in South Asian culture as well as times he experienced friendship in unexpected places. The theme of friendship, especially in the context of a culture show, was particularly poignant given the current political climate, where issues of immigration and race remain at the forefront of society.

Every year, SASA’s culture show brings together students from all different backgrounds to celebrate South Asian culture through traditional styles of dance such as Garba, Bhangra, and classical. In addition, each class puts on a dance that students spend weeks learning and perfecting. This year, the sophomore dance had over forty participants and the senior dance had over sixty. There was even a fashion show for individual students to express their unique style and energy.

Between dances, videos of members from each class played. Students talked about what friendship means to them, tying together the overall message of the show. Many of the videos showed friends joking around about their love for one another, but the lightheartedness emphasized the true connections between these friendships.

Not only does SASA’s annual culture show exhibit traditional dances from the region, it also stresses the importance of cultural diversity and coming together to celebrate our differences.