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Students for Sexual Health Announces New Off Campus Services

Despite a majority of students voting in favor of Students for Sexual Health (SSH) during last month’s referendum, the university has not changed its stance and continues to ban on-campus contraceptive distribution.

SSH released a statement to The Gavel addressing the university’s lack of response to the referendum. In its statement, SSH congratulated Boston College students on passing the referendum. However, the organization expressed its dismay over the university’s continued refusal to allow the organization to operate on campus.

The statement also pointed out that fellow Jesuit institution, Georgetown University, does allow sexual health groups to assemble on campus.

“We hope administrators will continue to consider allowing our group to meet on campus and host dialogues. We believe the university has a responsibility to address the health concerns of its students, who are currently being neglected,” the announcement stated.

In their statement, SSH also revealed the start of RubberHub, a new volunteer-run condom distribution service. Off campus volunteers will now deliver condoms to student mailboxes free of charge. The deliveries are scheduled to take place twice per month beginning this Friday, Mar. 16.

SSH plans to fill the first 300 orders of each delivery cycle. The organization is currently seeking volunteers to raise the order capacity in the future. The program uses public grants to subsidize costs. More information on is available on the SSH website.

In addition to RubberHub, SSH is also planning to establish a new condom distribution table in Boyden Park on St Thomas More Rd, which will run from 10 am to 2 pm this Friday. SSH co-chair Connor Kratz, MCAS ‘18, stated that the park and its surrounding area are public property.

“We look forward to introducing more students to this community resource and expanding its positive impact on sexual health at Boston College,” the announcement concluded.

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