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Snowed In, Tuned Out

As midterms sweep through Chestnut Hill and the days just seem to get colder and colder, sometimes the best medicine can be found in the form of fresh new music and a well-curated playlist. So, calling all you overworked students out there: here’s a collection of some mellow, buttery tunes to help you slow down and take it easy for a little while. Think of it as chicken noodle soup for your mid-March Boston College soul.

I Am — Jorja Smith

And just when you thought there weren’t enough reasons to love Black Panther. This song is straight from the soundtrack and showcases powerhouse woman Jorja Smith, whose voice can be likened to choirs of angels. Listen to this for some morning motivation as you walk across the quad trying to remember what being warm feels like.

Loving is Easy — Rex Orange County

Let’s cut to the chase—this song is really just a bop. It’s perfect for happy-go-lucky moments and can even make those daily rides on the Comm. Ave. bus just a little bit brighter.

After the Storm — Kali Uchis; Tyler, the Creator; Bootsy Collins

This song will transport you through time and space to a tropical paradise, even when you’re stuck cranking out papers on the third floor of O’Neill. Also, the song says it all: “the sun’ll come out/ nothing good ever comes easy/ I know times are rough/ but winners don’t quit, so don’t you give up.”

Come Through and Chill — Salaam Remi; Miguel

This one is an oldie but a goodie. And it is pretty much self-explanatory.

For a Ride — YOSIE; LO

Even the Plex can be enjoyable when you have a tune like this to keep you going. Take this one out for a spin during your next workout.

The Ways — Khalid; Swae Lee

Another banger from the Black Panther soundtrack, this song blends pop melodies and addictive beats into a masterpiece that will stay stuck in your head all day and probably then some.

I Wonder (feat. IAMDDB + FOX) — The Mouse Outfit

Wavy vibes are aplenty on this track. Perfect for walking to class or just for laying in your bed and staring at the ceiling.

Sober — Mahalia

Mahalia’s voice is just as intoxicating as her lyrics in this song. It’s one you’ll find yourself coming back to again and again.

Get You (feat. Kali Uchis) — Daniel Caesar

One can never say enough good things about this song (or anything that Daniel Caesar sings, really). Take your eardrums on a journey and let your stress melt away with this on repeat.

Bathwater — WESLEE

Although this song’s lyrics are slightly odd, there’s nothing strange about how downright catchy it is. We bet that it’ll soon become one of your go-to favorites.

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