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Photo courtesy of Suzy Kim

WZBC Spring Concert Preview

Spring in Boston is more of a state of mind than a season. The dreary skies, unseasonably late snowstorms, and frigid temperatures have students bundled up, nursing chapped lips and colds well into April, sometimes even May. However, what better way to brighten up the gray days and celebrate the season of new beginnings than WZBC’s Spring Concert?

Every year, WZBC sponsors a spring concert, featuring a variety of new and exciting bands and artists. This year, the concert will be held on Tuesday, March 27 at Great Scott. The venue is just off the Harvard Avenue stop on the B line, and provides an intimate space to hear great live music.

This year, three different acts will be performing. The first is an all-female punk band with the cheeky name Daddy Issues.

According to WZBC’s website, the lead singer Jenna Moynihan got the idea for the band’s name by seeing it written on a bathroom stall in a bar. They combine dreamy, girlish vocals with a driving bass and shredding guitar in a sound uniquely their own.

Also performing is BABY!, a rising star who has been transplanted into the Boston music scene from Florida. Singer Kaley Honeycutt’s vocals are sweet without ever becoming saccharine, and are undercut with a dark melancholy, creating a catchy and contemplative sound.

Funeral Advantage, a local Boston band, will be performing as well. Formed in 2013 by Tyler Kernshaw, the band’s only consistent member, the group produces cool synth-pop punctuated with poignant lyrics about love and loss.

WZBC has recommended the following songs as a starter-pack playlist to prepare listeners for the concert:

“Locked Out” by Daddy Issues

“Dog Years” by Daddy Issues

“Weather Girl” by BABY!

“If I’m Sorry” by BABY!

“Please Help Me” by Funeral Advantage

The show is 18+, with a full bar for those 21+. Tickets purchased ahead of time are $10, and $12 at the show. It is sure to be a great night filled with new, live music. More information regarding the event can be found on the event’s Facebook page.

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