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EDITORIAL: The Gavel to Reintroduce Print Edition

It is an incredibly important time for student journalism. Print or online, local or global, the voices of students today play an increasingly pivotal role in shaping public discourse and pushing our world toward progress. As an independent publication and the progressive student voice of Boston College, The Gavel wholly stands to serve this mission. And we’re only just getting started.

The Gavel was founded back in 2009 by Tue Tran '11, who had served for two years prior in an editorial position on The Heights. Feeling the organization had taught him all that it had to offer, Tue sought to create a space for the coverage of progressive issues and the elevation of marginalized voices on BC’s campus. He wanted to launch a campus publication on the cutting edge of student journalism, and he developed a playground for budding writers, editors, creatives, and leaders looking to cut their teeth on real-world experience.

And thus, with a handful of people and many nights of lost sleep, The Gavel was born.

The Gavel has seen its way through inky newspapers, glossy magazine pages, and a blog-style WordPress site to become the publication we know and love today—one distinguished by a refreshingly modern website and a cohesive online presence across social media. But since we halted printing in 2014 due to lack of funding, we’ve lost a certain physical presence on our very own campus; we've lost that tangible touch with members of the student body—an imperative connection at our mission's core.

So, we’re bringing print back.

Our Editorial Board is beyond excited to announce the return of The Gavel print edition, which will launch in April 2018 as a once-a-semester magazine issue. As a publication founded on the need to “re-energize campus dialogue, especially on issues that are not being talked about,” we are always aiming to amplify the progressive student voices on our campus. We believe that the reinstitution of print will help us take another leap toward that goal as we extend ourselves to a larger segment of the student body and the greater BC community.

However, as an organization, the return of print isn’t the only major undertaking currently on our plate. We just moved into our cozy new office space on the first floor of McElroy. We have changed our Online Manager position to that of Digital Editor, a role that holds a larger responsibility for curating and maintaining the online brand of The Gavel. And lastly, we are adding the Managerial Board position of Print Editor, which will be in full effect come fall semester.

As a publication whose lifespan has seen less than a decade, we’re pretty proud of the strides that we have made over the past few years. Our immense progress reflects the countless hours of hard work logged by board and staff—both past and present. With every breaking news article, every Oxford comma, and every bang sticker, we aim to continue to live out our founding mission of pushing BC student journalism towards progress.

Look out for us in the quad. Look out for us in an academic building near you. We’re coming soon, and we can’t wait for you to get your hands on us.


Meg Loughman, Editor-in-Chief

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